Wednesday, 25 January 2017


The thumb may be short, but the reach is long...

You’ve done a man’s job, sir…

Blade Runner

Almost a week into Trump’s presidency, and all is well. The usual suspects in the Democrat party, the Republican party, Hollywood, the media, Washington and its various lobbyists, Europe, the backward races of the Arabic world, blacks, wimmin, the UN, and the vast, lumbering golem of Western state-funded non-workers have beaten their little fists against the wall of the asylum, along with a goodly number of ugly white women who explain, with no words necessary, why white birth-rates are declining. Trump is tearing up globalist vanity projects and tearing down the follies and gazeboes of federal hiring. No more diversity officers for a while in Delaware, I fancy. Michael Moore is actually gaining weight, such is the level of his relief eating, and it may be that his weight becomes a barometer of Trump’s success. Very heaven.

And yet dark clouds rumble on the horizon, leaden and spitting ominous forks of as-yet-distant lightning. Trump has not inherited the Swiss economy, the Icelandic sense of national unity, the Israeli IQ or even the Costa Rican GDP. He has inherited a crippled leviathan all the more racially divided for eight years of a ‘black’ president voted in for, by today’s standards, racist reasons. The deep state in the USA is malevolent, its culture infantile, its media inane and its immigration policy deliberately dysfunctional and untenable in line with the basic tenets of anarcho-tyranny. Plus, as noted, it is twenty trillion big ones in the hole, and it is unlikely to win it back playing Texas Hold ‘em poker.

The very first problem Trump faces is the US economy. As noted in previous episodes of this journal, we in the West are the Guinea-pigs in the largest fiscal experiment ever. The premise is as follows; It is possible to sustain, in perpetuity, the economic viability of countries, trading blocs and federal organisations by quite literally inventing value in the form of its proxy, money. The first thing Trump will have found on the desk in the Oval Offices is a bill – and not Clinton – for twenty trillion dollars. To paraphrase my late father, Trump is not made of money. Even if he were, there isn’t enough dough on the planet to bail out the USA. Greece you can do, and get change. Portugal you can sub, just hold back their pocket-money for a couple of weeks. Italy will be hard work – it’s the world’s seventh-largest economy – but it could be done if the Mediterranean peoples could be convinced to do some actual work. The EU has proved that there is no fiscal can they can’t kick down the road. But the USA is the mother of all debts. Any takers? As The Stranglers once sang; Who wants the world?

Moving on, if or when the economy does collapse, both in the USA and Europe, Trump and Brexit will be blamed respectively by a Left-wing bloc who understand that rhetoric now sees off facts, in some quarters at least. Obama crippled America, but when the cripple finally falls in the street, it won’t be the black man to blame. It will very much be Whitey.

The biggest lie has yet to be told. Before Western mainstream media turns its attention full time to attacking Donald Trump, and by extension the dissatisfied white people who voted him in, they will have been working round the clock to construct the myth of myths, the super-lie which will make the others look like mild untruths; Obama was the greatest president in the history of the USA.

It is difficult to appreciate fully just how biased the Western MSM are. In the UK, even supposedly ‘Right-wing’ newspapers are nothing of the sort. Now that politics has moved from being a discipline and a practice to being a lifestyle choice you would do well to get right if you wish to seek employment, most newspapers re-hash the same mush. The Guardian and The Independent are still egregiously Leftist, but sales-wise they are on life support, and may not be around very long. As a general rule, if your beliefs are those of the political Right, you are not going to find much substance in the British media. As for the BBC, as Bertie Wooster says, one simply shakes one’s head and passes on.

Now that Donald Trump is president of the USA, despite a number of pathetic attempts to stop him, battle lines are becoming ever clearer. As noted in previous episodes, Trump does not just face a slightly biased media and a handful of millennials in pink plastic sandals. He is up against the deep state, the combination of the CIA, the military-industrial complex, NATO, the UN, European leaders, NGOs, lobbyists, the Davos financial mob, the Bilderbergers and their friends and relations, and anyone else with a vested interested in anarcho-tyranny defined as an increasingly lawless state increasingly governed by force. And Michael Moore. All of him.

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