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‘It looks as if Islam had a bigger hand in the thing than we thought,’ I said. ‘I fancy religion is the only thing to knit up such a scattered empire’.

John Buchan, Greenmantle

Islam is a fighting creed, and the mullah still stands in the pulpit with the Koran in one hand and a drawn sword in the other.


I believe I heard it for the first time on a talk-radio show on London’s LBC, a regular programme hosted by James O’Brien. O’Brien will be known to those of you reading in the UK. He is a public-school-educated bien pensant, a self-proclaimed Socialist and a cultural Marxist. He is also a radio presenter. His parish is the multiculturalist Liberal-Left, and he often uses his dexterity with the radio format to make those who disagree with his dogma look foolish or inept. One of the laments you hear often on his programme, when Islam is the topic – and it often is – is that non-Muslims know nothing of Islam and make no effort to learn. So it was that one morning I heard a sanctimonious Muslima denouncing the kufr for just such an omission. Right, thought I.

And for the next decade and a half I did educate myself concerning Mohammedanism, although not from sources of which the young lady or her imam would approve. What they would have had in mind, as would O’Brien, is the kind of literature they give to European schoolchildren, the kindly editions which patiently explain that Islam means ‘peace’, that Muslims invented everything from the printing press to the smartphone, that Islamic recipes are delicious, burkas are traditional costume of the type that their own countrymen used to be allowed to wear, and that the arrival of many, many more Muslims into their countries is a very good thing indeed, and to question that is the worst type of racism, racism being itself the worst type of crime.

They didn’t want me reading Robert Spencer. Spencer, along with Pamela Geller, is probably the best known of the north American counterjihadis, and the pair were notoriously banned from entering Britain on a speaking engagement by then Home Secretary Theresa May, the same woman often seen wearing Islamic dress, and who has allowed several ‘hate preachers’ to come to the UK. Spencer and Geller are associates of Tommy Robinson and Geert Wilders. These people are the new heretics, harassed by a malevolent and dictatorial new church. That is the problem with churches, if they don’t contain gods, they are dangerous places. But I digress.

Any of Spencer’s books are a worthwhile primer on all things Islamic, and his website Jihad Watch is a mine of information, and a good deal less shrill than Pamela Geller’s. I once heard Spencer debate an imam on a recording taken from an American radio show. After five minutes, Spencer was quoting and referencing freely from the Koran to back up his points, and it seemed a book his slow-witted adversary was less than familiar with. The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS is as good a place as any to start, and an indispensable introduction to an organization created by Obama and the West, and both funded and defended by the elites.

The broad areas of discussion are the history of ISIS, its differences with other Islamic terrorist groups, the defence of ISIS by the Western elites and their denial that ISIS is Islamic, the manner in which ISIS operates and has its appeal, and the consequences of its importation into a Europe and USA wholly unprepared for the upcoming and inevitable European proxy war.

I distinctly remember David Cameron, possibly the most ungifted Prime Minister ever to reside at 10 Downing Street, informing a grateful world that ISIS was in no way to be connected with Islam. So, we have a simpleton who is possibly the worst advertising Eton College ever had, a PR man who knows more about which silver-service knife you use to eat fish than he knows about Islam, telling us with a concerned look that his beloved Muslim voting bloc – Muslims are actually Conservative with a capital C – has nothing at all to do with ISIS. On the other hand, we have the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, stating unequivocally that ISIS exists solely to practice Islam in its purest form. He comes from a family of clerics. He has a Ph.D. in Islamic law from the Islamic university in Baghdad. In all seriousness, who has the greater right of testament?

And the rhetoric from the West is not confined to this sort of bone-headed denial, which people like Cameron don’t even believe to be true. One of the old saws – I use to repeat it myself years ago – is that Islam needs its Reformation. Spencer patiently points out that it has already had it. It is called Wahhabism. Spencer gives a potted history of Islam according to 18th-century cleric Muhammad ibn Abdul al-Wahhab which shows his desire to purify Islam – and not in a nice way – and leading to Spencer’s conclusion;

‘Al-Qaeda is simply an especially virulent outgrowth of Wahhabism. And ISIS is just an especially virulent outgrowth of Al-Qaeda.’

A vital theme of Spencer’s book – and it has sub-stories like a good thriller – is that one of the way’s the Western leaders lie about Islam is to treat groups such as ISIS as cave-dwelling, yak-wool-underpanted goat people. Spencer shows convincingly that they have absorbed all the slick PR moves of the West. ISIS is a film production company, a newspaper and book publisher, a military machine, a financial hub and a front-page act. As the Italians used to say about the Mafia; If only my business ran that well.

They are covering all angles. The Islamic state has attempted to gain converts by Tweeting its support of the Ferguson demonstrators. They are believers in the End Times, with a final war to decide the fate of the world. They are intentionally aligning themselves with the Left wing in Europe, and not just the far-Left but the useful-idiot, celebrity stratum of failed intellects with a bit of a hard-on for a dusky and revolutionary ideology. Their parents got to have fun with Mao. Now it’s their turn.

And, as for converts, Spencer makes the case for ISIS’s appeal in a neat and concise way;

‘There is absolutely no chance that these young man will trade being a noble mujahid, waging jihad for the sake of Allah, for a chance to greet people entering Walmart or spend their days saying, “Would you like fries with that?”’

The list of historical places and relics destroyed by these savages is perhaps the hardest part of the book for any lover of civilisation. ISIS are barbarians, and should be treated as such. That Obama described them as a Junior Varsity team is testament to just how stupid that preening little chaffinch is.

ISIS are the go-to movie guys on the internet right now. Bored with watching Saw again? Tired of violent video games? Why not watch a Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage, holding his hands to his agonised head and unable to remove them because they had stuck to his temples. Men kneeling in submission – the real translation of ‘Islam’ – while their heads are sawn off with a cerrated, and possibly blunt, knife. Gays hung and thrown from buildings. Women stoned, boiled and burned.

And yet Tweeting about this will bring you to the attention of the authorities, and get you banned from social media. Have a think about that.

The Kindle edition of ISIS is not cheap, but it is money well spent if you wish to learn the Islam your rulers do not want you to see. Eventually, books such as this will contribute to the coming emancipation, once the ashes have been produced to birth the required phoenix. Spencer quotes, toward the end of the book, from How to Survive in the West, an ISIS publication;

‘A real war is heating up in the heart of Europe’.

Bring it. We are waiting. And should you ever find yourself serving in the trenches, keep a copy of Spencer in your knapsack.

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