Sunday, 11 December 2016


The world is not like this...

I am but mad north-north west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.

Shakespeare, Hamlet

And I don’t care about morals

Because the world’s insane

And we’re all to blame

In a way.

The Jam, The Butterfly Collector

Many years ago the clothing company Benetton ran a series of ads which were an early example of pro-globalisation virtue signalling. The ads featured groups of smiling people of all hues and races, all wearing the company’s trademark garish, hideous clothes. I remembered being irritated at the ads at the time, because I was beginning to wake up to the fact not only that advertising was built on lies and deception – I already knew that – but that it was beginning to become the main technique behind the political manipulation necessary to brainwash ordinary white people into thinking that globalisation and an ethnic and religious pot pourri would be in any way good for them.

That advertising was adept at presenting illusion and falsehood as a desirable reality was recognized as long ago as 1957, when Vance Packard published his seminal book The Hidden Persuaders. I got my first lesson as a boy when I mentioned to my father how delicious an ice-cream dessert looked on a TV ad. My father was a documentary film maker, and explained to me that no such dessert would last more than a couple of minutes under hot studio lights. What I was looking at was a plastic model of a dessert. So too with the Benetton ads all those years later. I was looking at a plastic model of reality.

Now, of course, we have plastic politicians, artificial policies, and an unreality presented as reality. It is interesting that the phrase of the month is ‘fake news’. This concept, of course, gives the Pansy Left their new ammunition belt with which to fire at Donald Trump’s election and, by extension, Brexit. It was all caused by fake news, likely from those evil Russians. We have now regressed to the era when Bugs Bunny’s enemy was a Martian coloured in red.

Putin is not the enemy of the West. Neither is fake news, at least not emanating from the political Right. The enemy of the West does not exist. The enemy of the white West, on the other hand, is a clear and present danger, if you happen to be a representative of that class, as I am. This is the meaning behind the Benetton ads. O white man, your time is up. The future will be packaged as per the poster above, but will more closely resemble the picture below. is like this

And this is how the big lies are handled. Advertising. PR. Marketing. Never truth. I am getting very weary of people who tell me that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. It is, in fact, the definition of science. The definition of insanity is believing in a reality different from the reality that actually exists. And that is what governments are forcing the people to do. You are being told that the importation of Muslims into your country is both necessary and beneficial. This is a lie. Do not listen to lies or, if you do, have the intelligence – a quality soon to be outlawed – to reject them in the strongest possible terms.

In Victorian England, Bedlam was the name given to hospitals for the insane. Gentle folk would pay a few pennies to see the mad people. It’s a little like TV. It’s a little like the West. But we, you, are the mad people. We are watching ourselves gumming at the cell bars when our teeth have all gone. If you are white, your children are going to despise you for what you have allowed to happen. The united colours of Benetton are a lie, one of the big ones. The world doesn’t look like that poster. It looks like south London.

One last thing. The comments sections of weblogs and alternative news pages often feature comments that begin ‘When will the government realise…’ or ‘When will our leaders wake up…’ or ‘Why don’t politicians understand…’ As I have said before, they realise. They are awake. They understand. It is you who are asleep, drugged as you are by your pathetic televisions and new phones and other baubles. You are like kittens with a fucking ping-pong ball. You must stop this, and begin to fight back. And don’t wear Benetton clothes, if you are older than around six years. They’ll just make you look like a bigger idiot than you already are.

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