Thursday, 22 December 2016


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The industrial haulage business has been kind to Islam in the past two years. Firstly, it has been the approved mode of transport for Mohammedans seeking to gain access to the UK from France. I have no doubt that there is a level of collusion between some drivers and the refugees, whose pockets may well be lined with Soros shekels for this very reason. Too many of the photos and videos I have seen of immigrants climbing into and out of container lorries prompt questions as to the state – or even the existence – of a European padlock industry. Joking aside, lorry drivers have been consistently under physical threat, and I notice that the whole subject has slipped quietly from the pages of the MSM in recent months.

Secondly is the recent weaponisation of these leviathans of the road. Both in Nice and Berlin, powerful trucks were turned into agents of death by adherents of a religion which could never have invented vehicles such as these any more than it could have come up with the aeroplanes which decimated the Twin Towers of New York. This often-overlooked cultural appropriation – to coin a Leftist phrase – is a subject for another day, but for now it is enough to note that every time there is a serious vehicular accident – the Glasgow bin lorry, say, or the Croydon tram, both in the UK – the authorities make at least a cursory statement stating terrorism is not thought to be involved, ‘terrorism’ being a code word for Islamic terrorism.

A day after the Berlin massacre, a van filled with gas containers was rammed into the headquarters of a Christian Aid group in Canberra, Australia. The Israelis have been dealing with vehicular terrorism since the first intifada in 1987. Over ten per cent of terrorist attacks in the last 18 months in Israel have used cars or trucks. Islamic State has specifically urged its followers to use vehicles to kill pedestrians, the type of soft targets they prefer, as the simplicity of running people over en masse comes free of the risks associated with bomb-making.

Naturally, the denial machine began whirring and clicking while the mixed blood and mulled wine of Berlin’s stricken Breitscheidplatz was still warm, but this time with a curious twist which seemed to echo the jihadis’ choice of weapon. Several legacy news outlets blamed the lorry. ‘Lorry kills tourists’ was the BBC headline, as if the whole thing were some Stephen King tale. The German authorities spent valuable time looking into the possibility that the Polish driver may have turned off a crucial element of the braking system. Then the driver himself came under suspicion, a man who was apparently shot and killed fighting the jihadi who caused the carnage. It is only, I suspect, because Europe is now essentially secular that Merkel didn’t claim it as an act of God.

It is difficult to over-state the death-dealing potential of the modern truck or lorry. In the United States recently, and being driven on the interstate, I saw dozens of these beasts. They are frightening enough in expert, honest hands. Utilised as a weapon, the pedestrians in the path of such a vehicle would stand no chance. The jihadis realise this, and there will undoubtedly be many more such attacks. This will produce the Islamists’ secondary aims, the disruption caused to the everyday life of Western people – whom they despise – especially around Christmas time, which they doubly despise as an affront to their self-perceived but as yet unrealised authority.

For Islamic terrorism is not just about terror, which is confined to the victims at the time of the incident. It is also about fear and – the correct translation of ‘Islam’ – submission. You can’t kill everyone in a European country, even ones as stuffed full with human lemmings as Germany or Sweden, but you can neutralise them with a consistent show of force once it is realised that the authorities lack either the strength, ability or will to protect the old citizenry, so besotted are they with the new.

The second phase of Islamic terrorism works like this. Take an element of shariah law, the forbidding of women to leave the house unaccompanied, for example. For all the segregated swimming pool days, dismantled Nativity scenes, forced visits to mosques for non-Muslim schoolchildren, halal menus, ugly Islamic centres, missing Christmas trees and banned Piglet mugs you can coerce your new and vapid hosts into, you are unlikely to be able to demand that their women stay indoors. So the simple solution is to rape a few hundred of them. Their staying indoors will not only follow, it will be their choice. They have submitted, by the will of Allah. Similarly, if you require that ordinary citizens not observe their most steadfast traditions – some German Christmas markets go back many centuries – then run trucks into them. The combination of the risk of death and the surrounding of markets with anti-tank blockades and armed soldiers will keep people away. They will have submitted.

As I write, the German Polizei – who make The Keystone Cops look like the Canadian Royal Mounted Police – will be trying to apprehend a man whose image was first released pixelated, and whom it has been claimed that they have arrested and released three times previously. Of course, the man now has many, many hiding places, areas which, writes Guillaume Faye ‘are not ghettoes but territories which have been conquered and colonised.’ (The Colonisation of Europe). Is this mere incompetence, though, or is it an element of anarcho-tyranny? There have already been brawls at Christmas markets between ethnic Muslims and ethnic Germans over the anti-social behaviour of the former. Perhaps the police would like to keep as many Germans as possible off the streets at Christmas by allowing a known killer to remain free until the holiday period is over, and he can be apprehended – simply as good ‘optics’ - as ordinary Germans go back to work to help pay the taxes needed to support the man’s future accomplices.

Disaster is coming to Germany, and one senses that the biggest headache facing Angela Merkel and her accomplices will be how to shift the blame onto those people she refers to as ‘Germans who have lived here longer’.

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