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I believe 2017 will be the year of revolt. Whether they can put down this rebellion or not; that’s another story.

Viktor Orbán

And suddenly, there is change.

Taxi Driver

President Barack Hussein Obama famously campaigned with the slogan ‘Hope and change’. Even in today’s world of bland and anodyne soundbites, this particular confection stood out as meaning nothing at all. I believe it was The Spectator’s Douglas Murray who suggested reversing any statement by a politician and judging whether the politician could possibly have said it. Could Obama have made his doubly successful tilt for The White House on a platform of ‘Despair and the status quo’? Of course not. As a phrase, Hope and Change is as empty as the greater part of Obama’s rhetoric. Now, however, with the arrival of a man who is not primarily concerned with identity politics, there may well be real change.

Obama’s unpleasant wife said recently that ‘we are feeling what it is like not to feel hope’. This mangled sentence hides a multitude. What she means is that black people – the only people for whom she purports to care (see her doctoral thesis) – are not as likely to get the range of unearned handouts they enjoyed under her husband’s reign. What someone like Obama resents is that there is indeed hope on the horizon – for white folk, the folk on the hill she so despises.

The Obamas do not, of course, care a jot for black people. If they did, the presidency would have been spent radically improving inner cities, funding genuine education not racial grievance, and teaching young black men not to kill one another. Instead, Obama has cynically and relentless spent almost a decade stoking the fires of racial resentment, releasing killers and drug dealers, glorifying punks and endangering the lives of police officers. It has been a spectacle without dignity, and the lickspittle press has loved every minute, largely because it annoys whitey.

For that has been the ground note of 2016’s dissonant symphony; anti-Whiteness. There are university courses and lectures and seminars dedicated to ‘the problem of Whiteness’. That this problem also goes by the name of Western civilisation seems not to bother the SJWs – invariably self-hating Whites – who flock to these idiot agorae in their gormless hordes. There is, of course, an over-arching plan connecting these tawdry pockets of anti-intellectualism. The global elites want an end to the rule of the white man. This also explains the homosexualisation of culture.

I’ve made my views on homophobia clear. I dislike it and I dislike cultures in which it is rampant. What is objectionable is the forced promotion of homosexuality and the modern fad of transgender issues. Children are now being encouraged to report problems they are having with their own perception of whether they are boys or girls. A writer of hyper-dystopian science fiction would have had a task coming up with that one.

The strategy behind this is clear. To put it simply; one more gay or transgender person, one less breeder. And anyone who has ever seen a gay pride march will know that homosexuality and ‘gender fluidity’ is an almost exclusively white, infidel affair. To be gay in the UK means to have a proportionately better chance than a straight person of reaching the heights of the military, government, or state broadcasting. To be gay in Iran means to have an excellent chance of reaching the heights of the nearest tall building prior to being thrown off it.

So much for white people. The target can be refined further until we reach the residue of what it actually is; White men. As we shall see, this is the meaning of Trump’s presidential victory. To the elites, it represents a fearsome rearguard action by white men, the very white men they thought they had seen off. Below is a photograph of a selection of European defence ministers;
And, here, a photograph of Donald Trump’s pick;
This was not supposed to happen. The elites’ script reads at this point that Hillary Clinton picks a lesbian woman, or a black woman, or a transgender whatever as Chief of Staff in order further to neuter the army’s ability actually to fight, without disrupting all-important arms sales, the real reason wars are artificially extended. For the secret chiefs, James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And this dysfunction is precisely because Mattis is a man, what used to be called ‘a man’s man’, a phrase repugnant to liberals. The thought that Mattis might actually refashion an army out of the feminised, Islam-appeasing, homosexualised pseudo-peace corps he will inherit scares the elites. As Jack Donovan puts it;

“To protect the interests of those who run our highly civilised, regulated world, men and women are being mixed to prevent gang formation.” (The Way of Men)

One of the main reasons Trump has rattled the cages of the liberal elites and their media rent boys is that he is a man, more, an alpha male. This was supposed to have been done away with by now, pack-leading, red-blooded men consigned to the dustbin along with 8-track stereos and Penny Farthings, superseded and laughably out of date. There is evidence – although you will search in vain for it in the MSM – that men may actually be returning to Europe. A little late, but the Männerbund is rising in Sweden and Germany and Greece, three countries that had seemed as irredeemable as the United States has become. In other words, European men may actually be starting to defend their women, a possibility deliberately sabotaged by the elites. Again, culture leads here, with Hollywood directing the emasculation of the West. Witness modern action movies, where tough, independent women tend to lead packs of multi-cultural heroes against the machinations of evil whites. So too, in the real world, the alpha male is supposed, by now, to be the omega man.

One such alpha male is Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary and one of the first world leaders Trump called, in a pointed snub to the European elites. In a superb interview here, he more or less provides a manifesto against the global gauleiters. The interview has so much meat on the bone, we might almost call Orbán the anti-Obama. There are no airy platitudes, just a self-aware nationalism supposed to have been ironed out by the Progressives. It is worth reading in full, but the following excerpt should be an inscription to make any liberal’s blood boil, as they realise that the age of a nation-state defended by men may not be quite as easy to kill off as they had blithely thought;

“If we believe in Hungary, the Hungarian people, in one another, then we are facing a bright future. A cohesive, powerful nation should be one that stands up for itself, does not kowtow to anyone, and will go down the road on which we started. Much also depends on what is passed to the next generation. A country always ends up the way its educates its own children. If a good example given to them that they must grow up not to seek shortcuts, but to follow their own way even when it seems difficult, then the country can be great again. What is America’s message for us? Let’s make Hungary great again!”

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