Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Enjoy it while you can. It is later than you think.

A terrible signal.

Too weak to even recognise.

Talking Heads, The Overload

All of a sudden everything will stop and the magic will end.

Guillaume Faye, Convergence of Catastrophes

The Collapse. The Great Collapse. The Reckoning. The Downfall. All sounds a bit hokey and Hollywood, doesn’t it? What words do we have for what may very well be coming down the pike, as the north Americans say? We require something which would encapsulate the very real possibility of Guillaume Faye’s convergence of catastrophes. Would Faye lend us The Convergence, perhaps? The Great Convergence. I quite liked The Dysfunct for a while (my own, I think), but it came to seem like a dance song by Kraftwerk. The Ending? Oh, please. Next it will be The End of Days or The Day of Judgement. I’m happy to steal a title from David Byrne. The Overload, then.

Let us grant that it would be economic to begin with. In the same way that 9/11 was a plane crash in the technical sense, so too the coming overload might be described as a financial crisis, in the technical sense. The financial overlord of the EU has just intimated that he would like EU control of all member state budgets, so as to be able to funnel more money into the black hole of EU finances. This is an institution which famously has not had its accounts signed off by a bona fide international accountancy watchdog for the better part of two decades. What does this tell us? If the EU were a homeowner, the bailiffs would be inserting a steel-capped toe between the door and the jamb. It is all a matter of what you choose to believe, because we are famously ‘post-truth’ now, but I believe the overload is coming and, to paraphrase Faye, the magic will soon be gone. We are certainly no longer in Kansas, Toto.

Economists are astrologers without even the basic tools of astronomy. Even disagreements among them may be yet another example of the illusory opposition between a right and a left which nowhere exist but have become titular, house badges in a poorly run school. But what even the most weasel-like, agenda-driven Leftist, Keynesian economic guru cannot deny is that we are in the middle of the largest and riskiest fiscal experiment in the history of civilisation, if that is what we are still entitled to call ourselves.

National debt is by no means a new phenomenon. But it is always presented in such a way as to see as though it were an advantage to have it. I wrote a review of Dr. Lee Rotherham’s A Fate Worse Than Debt  here at The Commentator magazine, and had this to say;

What A Fate Worse than Debt reminds us is who our enemies are. Using the model of the banking system and its recent collapse as a starting-point, the book reveals that although bankers acted recklessly and in tune with their hyper-acquisitive natures, the fault line runs through politics and its corrupt modern practices. The real cause of the coming financial catastrophe is the political class. Tweedledum will take fiscal credit today for electoral advantage even if it means ruin tomorrow when, hopefully, Tweedledee will be in charge.”

Debt is staggering, both in Europe and the United States of America. I once spoke to a banker and asked him whether, effectively, it was possible to keep kicking the can down the road with debt, whether this self-supporting and counter-intuitive house of cards could keep standing as the wind got up. Absolutely, he said. He was also an aficionado of cocaine, so make of that what you will.

There is a curious feel to the West just now. With a ground note of decline and fall, hints of economic and social collapse, and overtones of Weimar, we watch the press and MSM desperately trying to divert our attention to the tawdry panem et circenses on offer in order that we avert our eyes from the twilight of the idle, the coming Götterdamerung. What forms might this potential Ragnarok take?

Firstly, social collapse. It is a strange month that passes without images of Molotov-cocktail and stone-throwing citizens of one or another disaffected country adorning print and screen. The BBC went predictably over the top about the so-called Arab Spring, and then what emerged from the mess was just the usual Islamic chaos and incoherence. Like all muddle-headed liberal-Leftists, the BBC will continue to cheer on the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies, bothered only slightly by the illiberal, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-freedom, nihilistic, death-cult beliefs of these de-evolutionists. For the UK's ‘state broadcaster’ - a sort of Pravda in Prada – cognitive dissonance means never having to say you’re sorry.

And the Meditteranean countries haven’t even really begun throwing rocks yet. Now that the Greeks, Spanish, Portugese and Italians – and soon the French – are beginning to realise that the years they have spent with their hairy arses in a bucket of public-sector cream will have to be paid for, they will not go gently into that good night. The Italian referendum has just ended the career of one of the more egregiously technocratic EU political appointments and, although Austria has doomed itself to Islamic invasion and a Green lunatic at the helm, we can expect more domino-tumbling in the months and years to come.

Elsewhere – in the UK, Germany and Sweden, for example – the deliberate importation of unassimilable populations into the heart of the yeomanry will soon have the effect the political elites desire; inter-ethnic and inter-cultural rioting. This will then enable them to ratchet up their totalitarian fantasies and turn them into reality. We told you that you were racist, and we were right, which is why you are now being watched. And still water-cannon and sound-cannon are being stockpiled. The UK government will never use chemical weapons on its populace, but it will use lawfare.

But if the ATMs dry up, as they have in India recently, there will be no pay for the police. What then? Successive governments have already forced police morale to a suicidally low point. Police in Sweden are leaving in droves. Some German police officers have dared to speak out about the deteriorating situation there. French police officers and support services have been on strike regularly, although that is not something you will know if you confine your news harvest to the BBC or CNN. Fake news is not only what is put out, it is also what is withheld.

In normal circumstances, I stifle a yawn in the presence of prophets of doom. Now I find I have become one. The overload is, I believe, very real, and it is coming soon to a society and economy near you.

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