Monday, 26 December 2016


 The extreme Left does not, however, take its defeat with good graces. From their quarter we are witnessing violent riots, parliamentary spectacle, and an incomprehensible fixation on the construction of eccentric sexual identities, as well as a renewed ‘anti-fascist’ struggle consisting of harassment, violence, and, in some cases, even murders of political opponents.
Daniel Freiburg, The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition

I gloat! Hear me gloat!
Rudyard Kipling, Stalky & Co.

Well, we surely had our fun. It was good, for a while, to bathe in the salted tears of the Left. First Brexit, then Trump; great was their wailing and lamentation. Granted, the Austrians voted for more onerous times with a large side order of Islam served in An unpalatable Green sauce, but the technocratic placeman Renzi was ousted in the Italian referendum, and Italy has the seventh largest economy in the world. The dominoes may be beginning to fall. Anyway, Austria may have to pay for gifting the world Hitler – who in his day was literally Trump – and Austrian gun sales have quadrupled in anticipation of their new neighbours’ arrival. Other than that glitch, 2016 ended on a positive note for those of us who self-identify as Right-wing, and with the usual screeching, dissonant caterwauling from the Left. So, great larks and gloating at the expense of the po-faced, snowflake, millennial, safe space, politically correct, antifa thought police. But beware an enemy scorned…
I forget who wrote that if a child could destroy the world, it would. I fancy it was Rousseau, who looms large, although probably unread by the average thick SJW, in the narrative of the Malevolent Left. But it is apt. With the contemporary Left, we are surely dealing with children, nasty, spiteful infants who would gladly burn everything to the ground if it meant that the people who oppose their malevolence were also destroyed in the conflagration. They remind me of the Viz character Spoilt Bastard, a child in a sailor suit whose mother sacrifices everything for him only to be met with a torrent of scorn. Little Timmy always ended each strip being beaten to a pulp, hoping that that would teach his mother a lesson. I do hope the similarities with the Left extend to that last panel. The Malevolent Left, then. It is these cancerous, wasp-like creatures to whom we must turn our attention, and endeavor to destroy.
Although I often use Orwell’s delightful epithet ‘the Pansy Left’, these people should not be underestimated. Indeed, since Islam took the place of homosexuals in their fevered (anti-) meritocracy, we might better call them the halal Left. You see, these people are the bien pensant, the right-thinkers, the agenda setters whose moral calculus, although it has but one bead, will set the limits of ethical arithmetic for generations to come, or may do unless checked. And they have many advantages, have already won many a redoubt, hill position and beach-head.
In case you were unaware, or have been living in a dug-out in the Hindu Kush for the past fifty years, the Left run more or less every facet of Western civilization. They monopolise culture, from Hollywood all the way down to the lowliest sit-com and stand-up comedian. They run through Europe and north America’s academic system from kindergarten to debt-laden graduation like a vile word through a stick of rock. They institute – Trump and Eastern Europe notwithstanding - politics and government. They are the very marrow of the various public sectors. And if you ever hear anyone whose arms are not tightly bound across their front talk seriously about a Right-wing bias to the media, just point and laugh. This is what makes you want to say to Owen Jones what Michael Caine says to his successful bank robbers in The Italian Job; “Look happy. We won, didn’t we?”
The Right plays almost no part in the current story of the West. There is a sense of resurgence but, even with the hope that brings, the Left is bringing all its guns to bear on what it rightly perceives as a threat to its hegemony. They will not go gently into this good night. Ramping up their efforts to import as much Islam as ferries and rubber dinghies can carry, and George Soros can fund, they will be fighting their battles against the rest of us using Mohammedan foot-soldiers. What, as Lenin famously asked, is to be done?
What is to be done? If you are a morpion of the Left, the question one of your heroes asked is easy to answer. Scream insults, go on noisy and disruptive demonstrations bringing inconvenience to your fellows, lose people their jobs for writing weblogs that you don’t agree with, ruin the concept of a university education by ignoring the classic – and hideously white – syllabus in favour of a pathetic carnival of safe spaces, micro-aggressions and unreadable books by black people, champion such corrosive cultures as Islam and Black Lives Matter, call everyone a racist and fascist. In short, do everything but confront reality which, as Kurt Vonnegut wrote, is that which does not go away just because you ignore it.
If you are of the Right – and therefore of this world – the options are still forming. The Right is, for the nonce, having to manoeuvre in the ideological and cultural space the Left has not monopolised but, as will become apparent as 2017 unfolds, this space is reality-based and therefore its occupation will prove more potent than placing the tanks and divisions of the Left in Wonderland and through the looking-glass will prove.
Write. Read. Think. Stop buying newspapers. If you are British, get rid of your television and stop paying the licence fee to the BBC, the most egregiously Left-wing propaganda machine this side of Pravda. Anything the BBC has to say of note turns up on the ‘net anyway. You don’t need to be patronized by their newsreaders or watch their crappy dramas with their racial quotas or their soap operas with their token transgender characters.
Refuse to accept Left-wing pieties at work or in social situations. Seek out people, not who think as you do – ideological lockstep is a defining trait of the Left – but who are prepared to question the artificial, anti-life, nihilistic protocols of the liberal-Left, globalist, multi-culti, progressivist, feminist, anti-White lice that infest us. The world is preparing some very nasty surprises for the coming months, but this is not a question of ‘being on the right side of history’ or any of that supercilious bunkum. It’s a question of honour. It’s a question of reality.  It’s a question of survival, reclamation and cultural reconquista. It’s a question of staying out of the weak-minded herd, the hommes de ressentiment against whom Nietzsche warned us. Stop what you are doing and take the world back.

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