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Well, quite

2016 was the year of the safe space. Many other post-modern absurdities have a claim to the laurels, of course, but the safe space seems to me perfectly to encapsulate the decline and fall of the West. Safe spaces are, of course, the little enclaves and alcoves ‘built’ originally for snowflake students so that they may be protected from the rumble of conceptual traffic coming from the street outside. Now, creating a safe space is not easy. Gender, ethnic, sexual and other identities are being created as fast as Kentucky colonels. What’s the use of making transgender and bisexual folk comfortable if they don’t like unicorns and might offend the Otherkin? (NB. If you haven’t come across Otherkin, I strongly recommend you follow the link. This will genuinely cheer you up). But though the task is great, there are fortunately those equal to it, working tirelessly to protect the delicate from the indelicate. But how exactly does a safe space operate, and from whom is it making its occupants safe? Let’s ask The Safe Space Network (SSN);

“A Safe Space is a place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation, age, or physical or mental ability.”

So far, this just sounds like a slightly annoying coffee shop but, for snowflakes, an actual coffee shop could be a breeding ground of intolerance and oppression in the way that a used dishcloth is a nursery to bacteria. One of the defining traits of the safe space is that someone else needs to create it and place you inside it. The safe space is part of a toolbox designed to create dependency. But we are no closer to the threat, to finding that from which the snowflake must be protected and made to feel safe. We must assume that those who might make the incumbents of the safe space ‘uncomfortable’ will be specifically excluded from that space, along with their – presumably powerful – discourse.

Although the SSN neglects to mention exactly what can be expressed in the safe space, it does seem very inclusive. I wonder if anyone can have been left out. Just how safe a space is this? Let’s look at the first ‘Ground rule’ (printed as it appears on the SSN website);

“We want this to be a Safer Space as possible, recognising that no Space is entirely safe, and free from Oppression. If anything shitty needs to be called out to make it the safest possible space, then let it be known that this space is open to other’s idea’s, thoughts, beliefs and realities. These issues will be tackled as they arise.”

And the fourth;

“Offensive, Oppressive and Shitty Behaviour will not be tolerated. We have a three-strike system, to encourage self re-educating on topics, however, we maintain the right to deal with each infringement case as we see fit, and give no warnings.”

We have our Progressivist, Liberal-Left shibboleths of oppression, offense and re-education all present and correct. But where does this oppressive, offensive danger, a danger which can require re-education, actually lurk? We still don’t know, if we are a student of trembling lip, whence the threat issues. Will the SSN not say? Some clarification;

“This blog is for any identity, orientation, thoughts, beliefs and/or people, as long as that identity, orientation, thoughts, beliefs or person does not oppress another.” (Italics added)

Now we have arrived. “As long as” plays the same role here as the “but” in “I believe in free speech, but…”, a phrase we know and love so well. We all know that safe spaces are to protect millennial snowflakes from white men who act white and who act like men. SSN got themselves into a bit of a tangle early on by claiming that safe spaces were for all. Of course they aren’t. They are not for white people, just as long as those white people refuse to wear their access-all-areas guilt and white privilege card. The only white people allowed in a safe space are those white people who hate white people. What a hive of dysfunction is being foisted on the student body, aka the future of the West.

Most of you reading this will be white. You are, in other words, the Oppressor SNN hinted at but never defined. The vast majority of you – and there are only a couple of hundred, this is as yet a modest blog – will be men, the vast majority of those men heterosexual. For the millennials, you, we, are the enemy. So why are we not fighting?

White people, white men in particular, are allowing the rules to be set for them. Those doing the setting, the academics, the NGOs, the politicians, the media, the SJWs, all the good people, are actually small in number, and we greatly outnumber them. So why are the powerful hell-bent on creating a world, not that the majority would enjoy and in which they might prosper, but that would get a stern commissar’s nod of approval from James O’Brien, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Diane Abbott and Bono? In the USA, you might know these people as, say, Megyn Kelly, Jon Stewart, Paul Ryan and Madonna. The reason the elites want this world is precisely because they despise white men, who are history’s ultimate success victims. In the coming year, this must change.

Don’t put up with their diktats and rules. Refuse to learn their grotesque sexual and ethnic taxonomies. Above all, don’t allow them a safe space. Don’t allow anyone a safe space, if it is within reach of your arm. Get in among them and disturb them, make them see that there are genuinely other viewpoints to their own, not just those that their secular imams have inspected and pronounced fit for purpose.

Safe spaces have extended their puerile reach from the campus to the wider world, and this must be stopped. Safe spaces are designed to protect and coccoon, providing shelter from the squalls of free speech battering the windows and doors outside. There is one great wind in particular the safe space is intended to protect the vulnerable from; Hurricane Whitey.

To be a straight white man is to be an oppressor. This is axiomatic for the snowflake generation. Good. Then let us oppress. We, or rather our ancestors, have won in the game of life. To be a success, to run things and others and not to be run by things and others, are the spoils of the victor. So let’s keep it that way. This is the unspoken truth of white privilege; it is deserved. And so the time is here not to see white privilege as a shameful leg-iron to be hacked off – as though any of you who have washed up on the sorry beach of this weblog would – but the foremost weapon in an arsenal which must now be cleaned down and taken from the wall.

If, as seems entirely possible, the white man takes a back seat for a few hundred years and passes the baton of civilisation to those somewhat duskier and more sexually befuddled, I hope he is able to take a seat and enjoy the show. For on one thing, you can bet the farm. If history is suddenly handed over to someone other than the white man, the snowflake, millennial, safe-space, speech-codified, anti-white morons with perfect teeth will have a pretty rude awakening.

So, here’s to 2017 as the Year of Whiteness, the year things surmount peak stupid and begin to seek out the stability of maturity and genuine power, the year safe spaces are made unsafe again.

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