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But she's always a woman to me

Free yourself from the false worldview of the Left. Do not even consider it as anything other than a product of insane people who want to hurt you.

Daniel Friberg, The Real Right Returns

The Leftist brain cannot be fathomed.

John Derbyshire, From the Dissident Right.

And once again the world indulges in its seasonal trick of making us believe in a new start. But the god Januarius has two faces, and looks back as well as forward. The only firm prediction I can make about 2017 is that it won’t be dull. Of 2016, it is difficult to know what to say, except that the bizarre laboratory of Left-Liberal-Progressivism is continuing its experiments unabated, no matter how vile the smoke issuing under the door, no matter how the racks of test-tubes and alembics groan and crack and hiss. The Progressives are out to destroy the white west, and they will be attempting to make 2017 the year that they further their dread agenda.

Liberals are your enemies. They may appear as your work colleagues and friends, they may inhabit the bodies of your family, they may prance and chatter on your television sets, enticing you to come into their shiny, new world, but they are enemies and enemies to be feared. What, then, are the dangers of Liberalism?

Firstly, the pretence that they are losing. One of my Twitter chums alerted me to this piece in The Guardian Britain’s failing anti-white newspaper of record – by Matthew D’Ancona. Now, man-boy D’Ancona has been around Fleet Street for a good while, and is a card-carrying Progressivist, multi-culti, bien pensant Liberal. He worked for the Catholic Index on Censorship early in his career, but is now far enough on the Left to be more likely to be in favour of the old Catholic church’s Index prohibitorum, the list of books banned by that particular outcropping of religion back when it had arrived intellectually roughly where Islam is now. I’d like to know D’Ancona’s view on Milo Yiannopoulos’s book deal, which is giving the Pansy Left fifty fits, but I think I can guess its likely gist.

The piece is worth reading not as an exercise in journalism – it is as poorly written as all Guardian editorial – but as an exercise in polemic, which the vast majority of MSM written journalism is now. It would be nice to give it a thorough Fisking – whatever happened to Fisking? – but a few choice selections would serve us well.

Little Matthew has issued something of a call to arms. How do liberals halt the march of the right? he, or his sub-editor, asks in the headline. Stand our ground and toughen up. Stirring words from the little general. Of course, for those of us on the political Right, the number one, front-of-the-queue, vital question of questions is exactly the opposite, and you find this necessity of changing the polarity of questions posed by the Left almost every time they do so. When dealing with Leftist statements, it is well to apply the Medieval principle of mutatis mutandis; Once the necessary changes have been made.

What is wrong with the West, of course, is that the Right, even in their spanking new livery as the Alt. Right, have not yet figured out a way to stop the march of the Left. As I never tire of pointing out, the Left are running the show. That they have manufactured a credible – to them – narrative that the Right are somehow in charge of things is simply testament to their own intrusive and comprehensive cultural hegemony. This is the thrust, however, of D’Ancona’s article.

The piece is headed up with a stock picture of Costner, Connery et al as Elliot Ness’s famous Untouchables. All are toting guns. In any other context, this would trigger half the Guardian readers in north London – that is, almost half the Guardian readers in total – but here the implication is that Liberals are gunning for the ‘far Right’, and so all is well. In fact, this gets D’Ancona into some hilarious PC contortions as he quotes Connery’s character in the movie early on in his ramblings;

“You want to get the alt-right? Here’s how you get them. They pull a knife, you pull a gun. They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.”

Fighting talk from the Pansy Left. Who’da thunk it? So much so, in fact, that it gives Matthew a nose-bleed, as he recognises through the mist what the reaction of his own tribe would have been to a similar statement by someone on the Alt. Right;

“Before we proceed, and to pre-empt litigation, let me emphasise that I am speaking metaphorically. If you were by any chance planning to mark Boxing Day by going after a member of the far right with a pointed stick, please don’t.”

A lot of Leftists have ill-concealed masturbatory fantasies about doing violence to the Right. Matthew has too, but he shits himself when he sees it in print. Next, this being for journalists the season of lists and mellow fruitfulness, Matt has ten tips for Liberals everywhere on how to repel the big, bad wolf of the Right.

Matt’s first lifestyle hack is to point out that “Pluralism, women’s equality, ethnic diversity, our responsibility to refugees, internationalism, LGBT rights – all that is now under systematic attack.” Well, he is right there. It is under attack via that terrible, destructive eater of worlds that is social media, plus a few dozen weblogs, in the West, and by men with swords, stones, whips, jet fuel accelerant, crosses and high buildings throughout the Islamic world, much of which is now being transplanted into the heart of Europe. We know to a certainty which of these oppressors exercises Matthew.

The next fanfare leads us straight into the Left’s heart of darkness; language.

By Christ language obsesses the Left. More, changing the meaning of words obsesses the Left. There was excellent work done on Wittgenstein by a man called Saul Kripke. If I remember, Kripke pays particular attention to disagreement over meaning. If I point at a rabbit and say ‘that is a rabbit’, and you then point at it and say ‘that is a frog’, there is more going on than the simple fact of my being right and you being wrong. Kripke follows Wittgenstein in seeing language and communication by its means as a game with consensual rules. By pointing out a rabbit and calling it a frog, you are refusing to play by the rules of the game, either because you are insane or a malevolent prankster.

I’m not sure which of those last two categories best describes D’Ancona and his ilk, but the Left do like to subvert and twist meaning. Look at what manglings they have visited on ‘racism’, ‘fascism’, ‘hate speech’ and ‘Right wing’. These concepts are unrecognisable, but the Left just will not play the game, and delight in a shifting polyvalence for the sake of an ideological agenda. It is always worth checking on a weekly basis, for example, as to exactly what white people are allowed to call black folk at any given time. But to return to our elders and betters.

Matthew is very concerned that the Right – particularly the Alt. Right – has ‘colonised’ language, and we all know how bad colonisation is. ‘Why,’ he wails ‘is centrist speech dismissed as “virtue signalling” while fiercely rightwing language is hailed as “plain speaking”?

‘Rightwing’, incidentally, has been one word in The Guardian for some time now, in an attempt to make a portmanteau noun from an adjectival abstraction. Make it a thing and you objectify it. But I digress. If ‘centrist speech’ - actually far Left dogma – is seen as virtue-signalling and ‘rightwing’ language hailed as plain speaking, that is your fucking fault, Matthew.

I could go on, but I urge you to read the piece if you want to know your enemy. I will leave you with a choice selection of the wit and wisdom of Matthew D’Ancona and, by extension, the bastard parish he represents (my comments are italicised):

·        ‘Treat opinion polls as no more than partial snapshots of opinion rather than flawless oracles’.

We always did, Matthew. It was you that believed in a Clinton victory and a UK Remain vote because the LΓΌgenpresse told you to.

·        ‘Stand up for immigration. Not just as an economic necessity but as a cultural good. If there is such a thing as “Britishness”, it has cordial multiplicity at its heart. Stamp on the economically illiterate idea that immigration is a zero-sum game, and that newcomers are depriving Britons of work, housing, school places and healthcare.’

Demonstrably bollocks on stilts.

·        ‘Never let the claims of faith trump the promotion of equality – especially of women’.

Any mention of ‘Equality’ is the surest sign that the psychopathology of the Left has set a tilt at reality.

·        ‘Tony Blair sought to combine economic efficiency with social justice. In 2017, the challenges are no less specific: globalisation (opportunities and discontents); Islamist and far-right extremism; the cult of autocracy fuelled by populism; climate change; the consequences of human longevity. Be uncompromising in your focus. Don’t let the other side frame the debate.’

Discuss. Islamist and far-right extremism. Yes, Milo, Steve Sailer and Greg Johnson actually want to chop off your head.

And on it goes, little Matt’s diatribe against a largely non-existent enemy and in praise of folly. Don’t think for a moment that there is a moral element to this battle, and I am I some way claiming to be on the ‘right’ side. I am not. I’ll be looking at the Left and their relationship with morality, and the relevance of Nietzsche, in coming postcards. For now, let’s just say that the coming battle is not over moral territory. It is simply concerned with the territory. It isn’t who is right. It’s who wins.

My New Year resolution – apart from the one about playing polo with the skulls of mine enemies, like every year – is to hate the Left even more than I do already, and I urge you to do the same. Give them some real hate speech. Take them to task on every crappy micro-malevolence with which they are trying to infect you and your children and their children. Troll the shit out of them. Don’t let them scold you on Facebook for having Right-wing views. Double down on those views. The Left and their attitude to the phoenix that is the Alt. Right explain much about the modern world, a world that can still be saved if enough people have the resolve to banish these lice. We on the Right would do well to read what the Left think of us and our supposed influence. It might cheer you up in times of desperation. For a creature of the Right to read about the supposed dominance of their beliefs in the context of Leftist domination is to recall the joke – a commodity soon to be outlawed in the West - about the jolly Jew of the Weimar Republic. He is sitting on a park bench reading a German newspaper and laughing, while his gloomy companion reads a Jewish newspaper. Why, says the companion, are you reading that filth? And why is it making you so happy? Well, replies the man, in your newspaper it tells us that the Jews are under threat and that we are doomed as a race. In this paper, on the other hand, we rule the world.

A very happy New Year to all my readers. Keep up, or join, the fight.

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