Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Well you loved me as a loser,

But now you’re worried that I just might win.

You know the way to stop me,

But you don’t have the discipline.

Leonard Cohen, First We Take Manhattan

The Left seems genuinely scared of the resurgent Right. Since Hillary Clinton made her ill-advised speech denouncing the Alt-Right, the MSM has suddenly become aware that there is a new circus in town, and they are naturally wheeling round the big guns and beginning the fusillades. The media’s scramble to attack the Alt-Right has a number of components.

Firstly, the US presidential election showed up MSM bias as never before. Every single legacy news outlet shilled for Clinton with the exception of Fox News and, I believe, one newspaper. Instead of reasoned criticism or economically and politically relevant commentary, however, the American public was served a constant diet of shrill ad hominem trash. This is proof, if it were needed, both that the media holds the north American people in utter contempt, and also that these are not journalists in the honourable sense of the word, but lickspittle courtiers to a new Versailles, one which they confidently expected would soon be inhabited by their Sun Queen.

Secondly, the legacy media is utterly devoted to the Left’s over-arching programme of globalist, Progressivist, miscegenating neo-Communism. One only has to look at the fawning coverage of Castro. The footage of Cubans dancing in the streets of Miami, one wearing a huge Trump puppet dressed as Uncle Sam on his shoulders, was broadcast, once again, only on Fox News. Journalists know that, if the political Right gain ground, their security of tenure will be at risk as the hoi polloi of citizen journalists gain a concomitant credibility, and people stop buying – and, more importantly, advertising in – the trex they collaborate in.

Thirdly, and this is an amalgam of the first two points, the media has always relied for its own conceited self-image on access to power, and that is not guaranteed granted a swing to the Right. Trump has treated the big guns of north American journalism with an amusing contempt, and journalists are thin-skinned, fey creatures. They will not forgive or forget the ongoing series of snubs.

Finally, there is also the thoroughly depressing question of Islam. Donald Trump actually caused more pearl-clutching from the new Lügenpresse when he announced his intention to impose a year-long moratorium on Muslim immigration than he did with his famous beaner wall. It is also entirely feasible that many Brexit voters had no wish to remain in an incompetent alliance whose only guarantee was that it would provide thousands of Mohammedans to further stretch the NHS and education systems, as well as importing all the social unrest that invariably accompanies Islam. Up with this the press will not put. Islam is the main weapon in the miscenegation and banishment of the hated kufr for journalists, those despised white men who committed the unpardonable historical sin of creating Western civilisation.

As for the bogeyman of the ‘far-Right’ – there is no concomitant ‘far-Left’ for the lying press, even though it currently runs the West – one only need look as far as the recent conviction of the psychotic Thomas Mair for the slaughter of MP Jo Cox to see which way the wind blows. Everyone who is honest is familiar by now with the flash mob of politicians and journalists which forms immediately after each and every Islamic attack both to deny that the attackers had anything to do with Islam – no matter how many Allahu Akhbars they scream – and to denounce those who suggest any such link, those who, to paraphrase Steve Sailer, have committed the cardinal sin of noticing. The two murderers of Lee Rigby, for example, were both claimed to have been mentally ill rather than Islamic, as they stated quite clearly that they were. Of course, a very good case can be made for including Islam in the next edition of DSM, but we will leave that for now.

Contrast this amateur and specious psychology with the diagnosis of Thomas Mair. The legacy media are in no doubt as to Mair’s motivation;

CNN: A 53-year-old man with extreme right-wing views.

UK Daily Mirror: Nazi Thomas Mair.

UK The Independent: Neo-Nazi Mair.

The UK Guardian: A white supremacist who resented immigration.

And so on and so forth. The tone does not really change throughout the MSM coverage. Petulant public-school-educated Marxist James O’Brien, Leftist darling of the London Broadcasting Company, even admonished The Daily Mail for not giving the conviction front- page coverage.

The whole atmosphere reeks of fear. As soon as journalists start using the words Hitler, Nazi and fascism – always on their well-used hot keys, you just know what’s coming down the pike. And just when they need a combination of all the murderous dictators in history, with some Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lecter and Enoch Powell and Uncle Tom Mosley and all thrown in, enter… the Alt-Right!

The Alt-Right is a loosely defined, relatively inchoate group of dissident writers, thinkers and, increasingly, activists. They lack consensus – which I believe is a good thing – but they do not lack articulacy, intelligence and political awareness, attributes sorely lacking in the modern Left. Their main problem at the moment was summed up by Michael O’Meara in one of the essays that make up Towards a White Republic;

(T)he opposition is minuscule in number, confined to the internet, has a negative rather than a positive understanding of what needs to be done, lacks consensus as to its common aim, and attracts a great many dysfunctional types incapable of sustaining any sort of nationalist resistance.

However, now that the more thuggish elements of the European Right are beginning to protect their land and women-folk – witness the rise of the Mannerbund in Scandinavia and Greece – the only catalyst needed for the new Right to advance is for these dissident, masculine – ie. non-feminised and homosexualised – groups to link arms with the virtual community of the Alt-Right to give the Pansy Left, as well as its concomitant provisional wing of the Antifa, something to be really frightened about.

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