Wednesday, 26 October 2016


The US Presidential Election campaign is a carnival of corruption, media bias, lies, treachery and misinformation entirely consistent with north America’s present decline and coming fall. It is not now possible to believe a single poll, and the outcome will probably be decided by the party most able to manipulate and rig the electoral system. This would make Clinton the hot favourite, well versed as she is in the art of political deceit. Personally, I can’t see the establishment allowing a Trump victory, although I called Brexit spectacularly wrong by applying the same logic. If I recommend a racehorse to you, as a friend of mine would say, approach with caution.

Given a Clinton victory, the priority of the incoming government will be to ensure that no one from outside the political class is ever permitted to ‘do a Trump’ again. The USA is to follow the European path to immigration-driven dysfunction, and no one wanting to make America great again is to be allowed to interfere. Clinton will have a lot of revenge to take as well, and if you are a hard-working white family, I would review your options outside the land of the free.

And the tragedy of Trump’s extraordinary tilt at the White House is that he is the wrong man. Finally, a credible runner emerges from outside the wing-tip elites, and instead of the intelligent, conservative reformer north America is so desperately in need of, it gets a louche billionaire having a great day off from the office. Is there no one in the USA’s political class better suited than this oaf? I hope he wins, certainly, but that is only because I want to see the faces of BBC presenters the day after. I want to see the national guard forced to go into inner cities as blacks go full chimpout. I want to enjoy myself on Facebook again as the Liberal Left cry themselves a river. On the other hand, I don’t care if Clinton wins because as far as north America is concerned, it’s a case of not my circus, not my monkeys.

As to whether the photographs of rallies can be extrapolated into a Trump victory, I wouldn’t be so sure. Trump rallies are packed to shutout level, while Clinton’s seem to draw her media catamites and the odd man and his dog. Tim Kaine drew 30 people in Florida. However, Trump followers are highly motivated and angry doers, while a vast swathe of Clinton’s people are the gibsmedats who are unlikely to get out of bed to attend a rally with no free stuff, but will vote early and often in order to maintain those freebies.

The most dispiriting aspect of this whole farce is the weaponisation of the media. If anyone still believes in an impartial Western media after this debacle, don’t leave your kids with them and definitely do not allow them to use scissors or any other sharp object. Clinton’s wagon train of treasonous misdemeanours has passed the media camp entirely unremarked, while Trump’s potty mouth has created a shrieking chorus of syndicated Bacchae eager to rip him to shreds. This is not politics, it is the crudest type of authoritarian propaganda. It is, however, to Trump’s credit that he has refused to play the modern Leftist media game, realizing that his base does not care what the metropolitan elites think. After this election, and to adapt a skit by Bill Hicks, anyone in journalism would do everyone who isn’t a favour by killing themselves.

In the end, the dysfunction visited on Europe by Merkel and her people will become the doom that comes to America. And you can only say she deserves it. Two terms of Obama followed by one of Clinton will effectively finish the States, and I will not mourn its passing. I used to love the USA, and I recall distinctly that the affection I held for the country came to the fore on 9/11, and helped very much to define the type of Leftist I so despise. The best comment I have seen on the election comes from the excellent Zero Hedge. The emphases are in the original:

On the one side is, maybe, a rapist. On the other side is certainly a warmonger. The next US President will be one of those two people. Each voter must make his/her own choice: either drink possibly cyanide, or drink definitely arsenic. Those are the only two choices left in America’s 'democracy'. No intelligent estimation of America’s immediate political future can be positive; it’s either zero (like Trump) or else negative (like Hillary).

A zero or a negative. Such is the USA’s immediate future. As with Europe, which is now a disgrace to civilisation, the coming financial collapse and its attendant social breakdown cannot come soon enough.

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