Tuesday, 13 September 2016


So our problem is not that we have no elite, but that we have the wrong one. Rather than a natural elite we have an alien elite that means us harm.

James O’Meara, The Leaven of the Pharisees

A family with the wrong members in control – that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England in a phrase.

George Orwell, Why I Write

You may not take an interest in politics, but politics is taking an increasing interest in you. If you live in England, the subject of Orwell’s homily, then you are in the United Kingdom, home to more CCTV cameras per capita than North Korea. There are no policemen, or policewomen, or undecideds, available should you be unfortunate enough to be the victim of a burglary, but police officers are in post to follow your social media entries assiduously for signs of dissent. The new rules are often obscure and difficult to follow as they keep shifting and changing – a classic neo-Socialist and management manoeuvre – but you will be made aware of them very quickly should you transgress. Why is this? It is because of the nature of the West’s ruling elites. They do not mean you well.

“Orwellian’’ has been over-used of late, almost always with reference to 1984. But it is a line from the book which supposedly inspired Orwell to write the novel originally entitled The Last Man in Europe that should make us pause for thought. The line, taken somewhat out of context, is from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We;

“(T)o conquer the world, man must conquer its rulers.”

It is the elites who are leading the West to its doom, not ordinary people, and we must make a bold distinction between the two. Ordinary people tend to have a grounded, practical sense of reality. They are likely to have some experience of productive work. Life will be or will have involved some level of struggle. Without descending into patronisation in the manner of Wordsworth and Coleridge in the ridiculous Lyrical Ballads, ordinary people have a reality about them which is one of the primary targets for those very elites who despise them so much and yet still, just, require their mandate.

The elites could not be more different from ordinary people. They have an abstract, theoretical, managerial and technocratic sense of reality, and as such they see reality as malleable and that which can be improved by their range of quasi-engineering skills. They have no experience of useful work, but are almost exclusively the products of the worlds of PR, advertising, the media, and consultancy. There will have been no genuine struggle in their lives, although they will tell you otherwise. The only flies in their collective ointment will have been obstacles to their advancement. There is no reality about them in the sense of authenticity. They are the authors of lies and falsehood is their kingdom. They are the very essence of Nietzschean nihilism.

Can they be stopped? Only after the coming tipping points will it be possible to tell whether the elites can be defeated, and that will depend on a number of things. The first tipping point looks likely to come in Europe.

The mass importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the nation states of Europe is intended only to cause dysfunction. Any pretence of a humanitarian effort is another instituted falsehood. Even if it were possible to mop up after every calamitous Muslim effort at building a stable nation, this does not interest the elites. They gain some kudos from their banker allies in that wages will be depressed by the few hopelessly unskilled and lazy Mohammedans who do land jobs, but the overall plan is to destabilise the hated nation states of the old Europe. As long as they maintain grievance levels – never below simmering point with Mohammedans – by bombing their homelands, the coming violence is assured.

It is a long time coming, but when the ‘men’ of Europe finally resist the attempts to feminise, homosexualise and Afro-Caribbeanise them en masse and actually begin to defend their women and their heritage, they may begin to fight back. But their fight will not, or not primarily, be against the Muslim invaders but against their enforcers, the police and the army, the provisional wing – along with the media – of the elites. The Muslims will be proxies.

But will the police and the army stand with the elites when the time comes? Disillusionment among the police in Sweden, to take one of the more egregious examples of elitist nation-state wrecking, is so bad that officers are leaving in droves. The EU is desperate for an EU army not for any show of solidarity, but to further erase any residual affection soldiers may have for their home countries, a notion anathema to the globalists and money gods. Perhaps they will not turn their bayonets on their own quite as readily as the elites would wish.

Another tipping point may well be economic. National debt is nothing new. The Romans were in for a lot of money. Even Boadicea had to borrow. But Western debt is colossal, unimaginable, the result of the largest, riskiest Ponzi scheme in history. No one has been here before, and no one knows how it ends. Germans were recently asked to buy enough food to last them ten days. Were I a budding German entrepreneur, I would open a rice and beans store. The Weimarket, perhaps. But is this ominous advice because Mohammedans are planning something big, or because the ATMs are about to empty with no possibility of refilling them? By all accounts, it does not take an inner city long to become feral if the money runs out.

In the USA, of course, the reason Trump is so hated by the elites is because he is not one of them. It’s the same reason the UK press and governmental ventriloquist’s dolls turned so savagely on Nigel Farage and, to an extent, Jeremy Corbyn. They are both decidedly non-u, as the upper classes used to say. But, for now, the elites stay in place. If Merkel goes out the back door, another Merkel comes in the front. You can’t vote out a class which has set itself up to rule in perpetuity. It’s always; Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Which leads on to the latest diversionary tactic the Western elites are being forced into, which may be described as; Meet the new bad guy, same as the old bad guy. Putin has become the boogeyman, rather than the more obvious presence in Europe of well over a million sub-literate, testosterone-fuelled Islamists. Putin is unpopular with the elites for a number of reasons. He presides over a nation which is predominantly White and wishes to stay that way. He knows how to deal with uppity Muslims. He is popular with his people. Russia is doing nothing like as badly as the Western elites claim. If the West do manage to engineer a war against Putin’s Russia, if they can muster up enough of those old Cold War memories, you can be sure that the two-minute hate will be up and running. Personally, if the West went to war with Russia and I was told I had to fight or face prison, I would be on E-bay straight away to order a huge and comical bearskin hat, some amusing Cossack trousers, and some fleece-lined boots, and off to Russia I would go. But the tale of how I came to despise the West is another story.

For now, proselytise. If you believe – and I think you should – that the ruling elites are the modern disease, do anything within your power to chant against them, to convince friends and workmates to work against power, to give up television and the newspapers, to organize on local levels in order to short-circuit government, to tell the bosses you can't fire me cos I quit. A weblog is a more powerful democratic tool than a vote.

The elites have to be destroyed to save the West and, to kill the king, you first have to be awake.

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