Tuesday, 6 September 2016


That great European demographic experiment known as the United States of America has reached the point where its next president will either be an egotistical playboy property developer or a psychotic follower of Saul Alinsky. But there will be a price. Whoever does gain The White House will find an invoice on the desk in the Oval Office for 19.3 trillion dollars. If President Trump is in the chair, it is a certainty that the Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, George Soros and the other dark lords of international finance will punish him severely for his anti-globalist stance and defence of the nation-states and their borders these people want to eliminate. If President Clinton is helped into the chair, these same malevolent money-masters will do their utmost to keep the plates spinning atop the bamboo poles of the economy for at least her first term.

President Trump’s first executive order in office might well be to call in the National Guard to Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and every other city where Soros’s paid thugs – aka Black Lives Matter – can be relied on to go full chimp-out when they realise Obama’s policy of free stuff and pardon for sociopathic behavior may well be over. President Clinton will skip breakfast in her haste to weaponise the judiciary even more than the current incumbent. There will be a lot of scores to settle.

While it would be worth the experience of seeing BBC broadcasters swearing black armbands in the event of a Trump win, I cannot envisage the establishment – which is actually a vast Left-wing conspiracy – allowing such a thing. For a start, Trump has shown less than wide-eyed reverence for the Left’s new toy, Islam. This is verboten in the new world order. Clinton, on the other hand, makes Angela Merkel look like Tommy Robinson. She will waste no time in converting Michigan into Malmo and Chesapeake into Calais.

Trump is, as the media helpfully inform us on a daily basis, literally Hitler, and there is certainly a parallel between The Donald and der Fhrer in their appeal to real people and not the media or banking classes. Just as Hitler spoke to the volk, so Trump addresses the concerns of ordinary folk. And this is just what the chattering classes who run so much of the misery that is Western life cannot abide. Real people in the USA, you see, tend to be white.

It can’t seriously be denied that there is a burgeoning quasi-policy of anti-white ethnic cleansing taking place in the West. To take just one example, outlined in Heather Macdonald’s painstaking and breathtaking book The War on Cops. There is no evil white racist police force in the USA taking down unarmed and innocent black children, despite the gibbering of uppity ‘writers’ such as Ta Nehisi Coates. There just is not. To the contrary, there is a race war in all but name being perpetrated by young black men and, increasingly, women against both other young black men and whites, as well as police officers of whatever hue. I appreciate that the Left struggles with statistical reality, but it is simply not possible to read Macdonald’s book and believe that blacks are being oppressed by anything but their own failings, failings which are not allowed to exist by the denizens of the Left or, if they are, are ultimately the fault of Whitey.

Although there is a grateful smatter of applause in that tiny section of the media when a black person is spotted in a Trump T-shirt or a Make America Great Again baseball cap worn the correct way round, Trump’s gargantuan rallies are overwhelmingly white, and up with this the media will not put. As a good friend of mine phrases it, white people – particularly straight, white men – have had their go on the pool table and now it is someone else’s turn.

Paul Kersey, on his website Things Black People Don’t like, often refers to what he calls BRA, or Black-run America, and there is every reason to believe it is on its way. Of course, what will happen when the animosity between blacks and the Muslims Clinton will have shipped in by the liner-load becomes so apparent that even what German dissidents call the Lugenpresse – the ‘lying press’- won’t be able to hide it away, is anyone’s guess. But it will not be pretty and it will have an overwhelming and immediate effect which will express itself as certainly as night follows day; white flight.

Just as white people have moved out of cities whose population of black residents has simply become too toxic, so too whites who can afford to will leave the USA. They are unlikely to go to Europe, whose languages they tend not to speak and where they are declining even to holiday in the wake of the hijra taking place there. Perhaps the Anglophone ex-Commonwealth countries will see an upturn in applications. How much civil unrest would have to take place in Cincinatti before a middle-class white family could claim political asylum in Australia? We may be about to find out.

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