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This weblog has a modest readership, but mini-debates do occasionally fly like sparks from the grinder’s wheel. So it is with our ongoing and early-stage appraisal of the Alt. Right. A reader has contacted me on a number of occasions with questions and viewpoints. I think I can fairly summarise them as follows:

·        Why did I refer to George Soros as ‘the Jew Soros’ in one of my posts?

·        Was I aware that a lot of Jews despise Soros, and that it is unreasonable to lump together all members of one faith or culture?

·        Although I claimed that a defining feature of the Alt. Right phenomenon is that it exercises itself by showing up the fraudulent practices of the conventional Right, the Alt. Right is equally as fraudulent.

·        That the Alt. Right ‘relies on’ false White genocide conspiracy theories such as the Kalergi Plan.

·        This is nicely worded, so I will quote from a Tweet; “Plus tail-wagging H&H (Hitler and Holocaust) worship (rabid but gleeful) in every nook and cranny. They’re twisted sisters.”

Now, let me point out something before the off. This person and I have had a wholly cordial relationship, as far as I am aware. There has been no unnecessary nastiness – not even from me – and I suspect we may get on in private life, unless this is that annoying police officer trying to draw me out into some hate speech. Also, I am not here to promote or defend the Alt. Right, and you are, of course, free to make up your own minds about this disparate proto-movement. I mean, you’re not free to believe what you like if you are a creature of the Left, but I doubt you would be here if you were – except for the PC – and that is partly why I have brought you all here today. So, on we go.

I referred to Soros as a Jew because he is one, but I also suspect that I have a residual anti-Semitism that has lurked in this country in a largely Left-wing abode for many decades. And I was a shambling shoggoth of the Left for some years. There is also something about the internet which brings out the worst urge to bait others, at least in me. The first point here is that I do have genuinely ambivalent feelings concerning the influence of Jewish businessman, bankers and media moguls. This is despite the fact that my father brought me up to be particularly respectful of Jews. He was brought up in a very Jewish area, described himself as an ‘honorary Jew’ – a title given to him by a Jewish friend - and loved Jewish humour. He taught me that the Jews were similar to the British because they could laugh at themselves and didn’t mind if non-Jews laughed along with them. The UK is currently being ruined by two cultures who are genetically unable to laugh and themselves, and will refer you to the police should you – as kufr or Whitey – dare to ridicule or satirise. Now, my father made governmental documentaries for most of his working life, and knew Soho in London – then the centre of UK film production – and always referred to the notorious money-men of Wardour Street as ‘the Jewish Mafia’. Not hate speech or racism, but a shrewd appraisal of the situation transformed into wry humour, both of which are now, of course, banned. If I added that I was born in Stoke Newington Jewish Orthodox Hospital – now gone – I would be over-egging the pudding, but I believe that alongside anti-Semitism, like a personal secretary who hates her boss, walks Semitism-awareness. Make of that what you will.

As for tarring all Jewish people with the same brush because of the Dark Lords of finance and entertainment, I do think you have made what I think is called the fallacy of Questionable Cause. I have my own version, but the general structure of the fallacy is as follows:

1.      A and B are regularly connected, but no third common cause is looked for.

2.     Therefore A is the cause of B.

My personal version, based on something I noted while living in the shadow of Westminster Cathedral, was that simply because the Angelus bell rang as one of the clergy walked past every day for four straight days, it did not mean that the arrival of the good Father activated the mechanism.

I don’t believe that being Jewish is some kind of sine qua non  for being a cackling Bond villain playing chess with the world. But where there is a preponderance of influence, and all is not going well – as it is not with the world – that preponderance of influence should, I feel, be investigated.

As for the Alt. Right being fraudulent, I think there are certainly some frauds playing to the gallery. I don’t want to go into individuals yet, because there might be a good extended essay in this. I think the first people to find out about the Alt. Right last week for the first time, after Clinton’s speech illuminated it, went away from their first encounter thinking; Oh. The Alt. Right is a young man’s game. The writers that interest me are more mature, both in years and in outlook, than some of the head-bangers being lumped in with the whole thing.

What I don’t think can be denied is that there is an establishment, but it is not the one we are led to believe it is, with toffs and the upper classes and the Freemasons and The Naughty Hellfire Club. It is an establishment composed of a connivance between the government – at least in the UK – the media, and the public sector.

The Alt. Right is shining a light on this. The Alt. Right can almost be extended to include any website who has ever attacked or brought down – and it has happened - a malevolent member of the political class. But the more people who are aware that something is rotten in the state of affairs called the West and can see beyond the media, the better it will be eventually for a lot of other people. And this, I think, is because I do think some dreadful tipping-points are arriving. I’m not a prepper and I’m not choosing what to wear when the Rapture happens, but I believe that something is coming down the pike and the West is not going to wriggle off the hook. If you don’t know Guillaume Faye’s Convergence of Catastrophes, it’s a very good book.

That’s another thing. The Alt. Right is scarcely new. It’s like some pop band who have been together ten years and suddenly get a hit single. Faye, de Benoist and all those Frenchies are far more my cup of tea, and I don’t believe they muck about with Holocaust revisionism. Not even in the shower.

I’ve seen the phrase ‘Kalergi Plan’, but it’s all a bit James Bond for me. There is no genocide in place. That said, there is a culture war going on and, as the man said, culture is upstream of politics.  The White man seems to be the target for the broad church that is not Alt. Right, ie., most of the West.

There is some race-baiting going on. There is an interesting attack going on between one website and another. The target is overtly racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, the full Pandora’s Box of the average SJW. The attacking website thinks it’s a false flag operation by Jews. This in nothing if not a phenomenon with action on many levels.

In the end, this whole blog has always been for me to work out exactly what I think and believe and, as Kant said, what I can know. The Alt. Right functions, for me, like one of the old Pick ‘n’ Mix counters as the shop – or store – Woolworth’s in Britain, gone now and sadly missed. There was a carousel of sweets and candies in segmented compartments. You paid a set price by weight, but you could choose as many as you liked of whichever sweet you liked best. But you could also have something else. You could mix up all the sweeties. You could have one of each if you wanted, one of each of all the sweets there. Before, sweetshops would only sell you a bag of Lemon Sherbets or Dolly Mixture, if you were a little girl. Now, you could have Licorice Allsorts, Humbugs, whatever you wanted, as long as you paid the price by weight.

I find some in the Alt. Right tiresome, some unpleasant and even dangerous, and some riveting. As I said in the last posting, it is the disparity which makes it interesting. Pick ‘n’Mix.

Good day to the person in question, and stay in touch.

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