Saturday, 24 September 2016


Separated at birth?

The present time is pregnant, and the world is waiting.
Ernst von Salomon, It Cannot Be Stormed

There is a war
Between the ones
Who say there is a war
And the ones
Who say that there isn’t
Leonard Cohen, There is a War

To utilise a modish construction common among the young people, I don’t do good and evil. Good certainly exists, good deeds done by good people abound but tend to have a limited and local effect which has no share or stake in power. But the opposite pole or antipodes of good is not evil, which is a puppet devil still giving off the acrid smell of religious brimstone, but malevolence. There are many malevolent people doing many malevolent things, from the street thug up to the toxic billionaire, but the real problems for the rest of us begin when the first is funded by the second.
There has been a lot of notice taken in the dissident press, although not in the lickspittle MSM, concerning George Soros and his open funding of Black Lives Matter, the racialist bullies and nihilists currently serving as Progressivism’s shock troops in the USA, just as Muslims are doing in Europe. Soros also has a stake in the current reconquista taking place across the EU. Soros has been described as a philanthropist, a lover of mankind. When it comes to the distribution of ideologically driven financial largesse, however, it seems not all men are created equal.
It’s difficult to see what can stop Black Lives Matter. Their most recent pandemonium was the direct result of the shooting of an aggressive armed black man by a policeman who was himself black. Once you can twist a situation like that to suit your narrative, once you have triumphed over reality, there is nothing you cannot do unless you are stopped physically, and no one seems in the right frame of mind for that. That Soros funds them with the sort of money that can buy an awful lot of vulgar jewellery, hair weaves, and clown trousers, indicates that he is openly in favour of a manipulation of the truth which is becoming disturbingly commonplace among the financial and political elites.
The Left, of course, ethnomasochistic to the core, have answer for every question thrown up by showcase nihilism such as Charlotte.
There have been racist beatings of whites by blacks.
Blacks cannot be racist as they have no power.
The policeman who shot the man was himself black.
He is a tool for the white racist police.
Why burn down and loot your own neighbourhood?
Blacks have no choice as they are poor.
Try as you might, you cannot outflank people who don’t take the real world seriously. It is as though you were playing chess against an inferior player who suddenly decides that all the pieces on her side – but not on yours – can behave as though they were a queen.
It is not just Soros, of course. Governments are also complicit in both Black Lives Matter and the Muslim invasion of Europe. Whites who practice ‘hate speech’- which is the term the elites use for ‘truth-telling’- will be hounded out of jobs and into prison. Much-needed money will be diverted from the indigenous population and showered on ungrateful and uncultured arrivistes. Business will be forced to accept unskilled labour to fill skilled positions, again at the expense of the white population. Politicians will reiterate that both North American Blacks and Maghrebi and Arabic Muslims provide a great deal of positive social capital when, of course, they do no such thing. For the dissident, this does not seem a winnable war.
There is, however, a further hurdle for the globalist elites to vault. Now, something is coming and the elites are well aware of it. Governments, contrary to much dissident opinion, are not stupid. They are much like the teams of erudite, intelligent, cultured and astute script-writers who come together to produce the latest piece of shit to emerge from Hollywood, culture-eater and destroyer of artistic worlds that it has become. The most amusing comments on weblogs are the ones that begin;
When will the government realise…
When will governments wake up…
Doesn’t the government know that…
Governments realise. They are awake. They know. They do not employ thousands of special advisers, wonks, PR consultants, advertising gurus and other reality-tweakers without knowing to a near-certainty how stands the zeitgeist. They form a global script-writing team producing a movie that, if you are white, you are not going to like very much. This granted, it is extremely difficult to see how both the USA and Europe will avoid what the L├╝genpresse will term a civil war, but will in fact be a simple, unadorned war. This has to have formed part of their equations. It may even be argued that the war has already begun.
In Europe, ordinary citizens have already begun to push back against their government’s policies as physically manifested by waves of immigrants. Asylum centres are being burned. Ordinary people are beginning to fight back in the streets against provocation. Immigrants are being banned where not long ago they were welcomed with open arms. In the States, Black Lives Matter have so far encountered no such opposition, but it may be a mere matter of time. Blacks are still a relatively small minority in the USA, and they are kicking and kicking again at a rather large hornets’nest.
What will happen next, according to the Progressivist playbook, ought to be that first the police and eventually the army will be deployed, not against the Black and Muslim agititators, naturally, but against the white indigenous population pushed to breaking point. There is, for the Left, always an explanation and exoneration for Black and Muslim violence. This courtesy will not be extended to any white resistance. There is a slight problem for the elites in that, for example in Sweden, police officers are quitting at the rate of 20 a week, and some 80% are considering a career change. But, as Sir Oswald Mosley pointed out, there is no chance of a revolution in a country with a well-armed, loyal militia.
There is one another huge roll of the dice that the elites are praying will go their way. The economies of both the USA and, variously, Europe are now so mired in debt it is pointless to talk about their recovery. The West has to hope that it is possible to continue kicking the can down the road until the shock troops of Black Lives Matter and Muslims can attain defensible beach-heads. Then we will see what the next stage of the war against whiteness entails.

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