Thursday, 29 September 2016


Only ten minutes to midnight? Really?

Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable. Not my view, but that of the UK media, and therefore to be mistrusted and questioned at every opportunity. Momentous political events have had a habit of taking place recently, and the media have been blind-sided more than once. Trump, Brexit and the rise of the political Right across Europe were not part of the media narrative, and yet they all happened. Who can say whether UKIP might not split the ‘Tory’ vote at the next election and part the Red Sea for Corbyn’s Labour Party? It would be good for UKIP, and might help to finish Chairman May’s party once and for all, consigning them to share history’s dustbin with the Whigs. The British are given neither to fascism or the hard Left, but the British people have been so divided for the purposes of elections that whatever ‘they’ want doesn’t matter very much anymore.

That said, the Labour Party could not beat the ‘Conservative’ Party at the last election, even with the monumentally stupid career politician David Cameron standing at the helm with his trousers on his head. But then, they had Ed Miliband in charge, possibly the one person in England aside from Paul Gascoigne who could not have beaten Cameron. It’s enough to make any self-respecting conspiracy theorist think there was dirty work at the crossroads…

What if Corbyn doesn’t want to win? What if Labour don’t want to win? After all, the next election could well be the poisoned chalice. The economy is going to collapse at some point, and who wants to be running for the last chair when The Red Flag stops playing? Also, Corbyn is not stupid, and must know that happily announcing that there will be more open-door immigration under a Labour government will not endear him to many voters. The Labour Party couldn’t care less about the white working class nowadays, of course. As with Marx and Engels, they finally became tired of people who would not sing the Internationale when they were told. But those people might still vote, particularly if things take a wolfish turn towards a harsh reality. Whites may be a minority in some cities, but not in the country as a whole.

There is nothing wrong with controlled immigration in and of itself. The problem is with Muslim immigration, and here Corbyn might be being crafty on two fronts. Bringing in even more of the ummah will begin to shore up the Muslim vote. Also, Corbyn is allowing just enough undenounced anti-Semitism to simmer in his party to guarantee Muslim approval. In the same way that you could guarantee the male teenage voting bloc by promising free beer and girls, criticise the Jews and you’ve got the Mohammedan vote in the bag. Sadiq Khan is making no secret of his intention to make of London Kabul-on-Thames. White flight will inevitably accelerate, and the browning of London will be irreversible.

There is one supreme irony here. The UK lacks a genuine Conservative Party, and this is part of Corbyn’s problem. The ‘Tories’ are already doing everything any Socialist worth his Little Red Book would be doing. Mass, uncontrolled immigration? Check. High taxes! You got it. Clamping down on freedom of speech? We’re right on it. Diversity quotas? Nigga, please! Rampant and wasteful public sector? Step right this way…

Whither Conservatives? The Pansy Left (© George Orwell) have been so desperate for genuine Tebbit-style Tories they have tried to pretend the current lot are the Nasty Party. Hilarious. The Loony Tunes marching against austerity would march against your mum if she started sporting a Thatcher hairdo. Once again, on my count; These people are not Conservatives. They are Socialists.

Muslims, on the other hand, could not be more in line with classical Conservatism. Hyper-religious, almost comically strict in terms of crime and punishment, family oriented and, well, conservative. Granted, they want to conserve the values of the 7th century, but conservative they none the less are.

Another anomaly. The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has just been rumbled saying in 2013 that he was a Marxist. Well, sure. And Liberace played for the other team. No shock there. But he also stated that he had been waiting years for the 2008 economic crash because it finally proved the fault lines within capitalism predicted by Marx. A capitalist system run on greed, exploitation and profiteering would be bound to fail eventually, according to Das Kapital. We merely note in passing that, to go back to Adam Smith, we have nothing resembling capitalism in the modern West. The Wealth of Nations does not mention greed, exploitation and profiteering. But this is a detail. For Marxists, anyone who works in a bank has cloven hoofs, horns and a tail.

But was that crash a singularity? Possibly not. The problem with drawn-out events such as financial collapses is that they don’t play the game in terms of the media cycle. In order for the media to retain flagging interest in the decline and fall of the west, it is therefore necessary to start sub-dividing certain occurrences into bite-sized pieces. It may be that the so-called crash of 2008 was the start of a process now coming to fruition. I believe it is. Remember all the talk of a ‘double dip recession’? If you lose control of your car on a dangerous bend, slew across the road and collide with a wall, there are several different stages to the accident. But you don’t talk about a ‘double dip’ car crash. You still totaled your car.

Again, who wants to be the British Prime Minister when nurses and diversity officers don’t get paid at the end of the month? Possibly not Mr. Corbyn. I think, if the economy is still scrabbling to keep its head above water when or if a new Labour government is formed, that it would be for the best. The ‘Tories’ are trying their best to ruin the country but, if you want something doing properly, let the experts handle it. Owen Jones, Seumas Milne and Diane Abbott in government, anyone? It will make a lot of folk reach for that brochure outlining the delights of a holiday in Venezuala.

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