Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Now they would have got on with it

A few years ago I was making myself comfortable in the snug of a Midlands pub. I had a good view of the giant TV and my first pint, and I was looking forward to watching my beloved Arsenal play Manchester United, always a gargantuan game and, with the exception of the deadly dull FA Cup Final of, I think, 2005, usually an entertaining one. Thierry Henry was on form and playing, and all stood fair.

I think United were three up in about 20 minutes, and it was something like five by half time. I remember thinking, as the second half got underway; get a sixth. In fact, get seven. Why not double figures? It was such a gutless performance by the Gunners that I thought a genuine humiliation might have a better effect than a mere thrashing. I think it ended 6-1. Too few for my liking. And now I feel much the same way about Europe.

The mystery concerning Islamic terrorism is not why governments have been unable to stop it – they have no desire to do so – but why there is not a good deal more of it. I am not a criminal kingpin, but if I were to fly to London tomorrow, withdraw a few thousand pounds from my account, and talk to a couple of people who know a couple of people who know, I could have three or four guns and ammunition by the weekend. You just have to know who to ask. Now, with a couple of likely lads who believed my apocalyptic chatterings, we could go down to Westfield or Lakeside shopping centres, or Oxford Street, and get a fairly respectable kill rate. So why can’t the supposed hundreds of terrorist cells dormant across the UK? Let’s look at the alternatives.

There is an Islamic chain of command in the West, either with or without the collusion of governments, which regulates the frequency of terrorist strikes. At present, the UK is being moderated. One reason might be that something spectacular is coming, and the Islamists have no wish to attract attention. Islamic terrorism is all a bit passé just at the moment in London, and maybe that is a policy decision. London mayor Sadiq Khan was able to say last week, on a baffling trip to the USA to shill for the Democrats, that major cities would just have to get used to terrorist attacks. Effectively, he was saying; ‘We are the masters now. We will tell you what you must get used to.’ The MSM barely batted an eyelid.

The next possibility is strategic. Muslims, being metaphysically equipped for the long game, and an extended route to power, have realized that demographics are far more explosive than the nastiest of pressure-cooker bombs. Now, Muslims, or at least Muslim men, still want to fuck where their emasculated European counterparts do not. As Islam is a religion with an afterlife, genuine Muslim believers – and I don’t believe many leading Muslims believe in anything more than the reality of power – know that after they have gone to paradise, the ummah will live on stronger for their jihadi efforts while still on earth. So no bombs, please. Just the occasional Lee Rigby to remind the kufr who the boss is.

Another possibility comes from what we might call the constitution of Traumaville. The point of Traumaville is to keep you reasonably frightened and in comfort. Be not too afraid (The Faerie Queene?) is the motto of Traumaville, scrolled across its coat of arms. Good television drama plus a fear of being stabbed is part of the very weave of life in Traumaville. So the short answer is that there are no such cells, just a series of false flag ops plus the occasional loony-tune. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Islamophobia actually existed? The point of state force is partly to keep the citizens mildly terrified. Look at the history of health scares over the last 20 years. Scare story followed by scare story, and all for the greater good of the pharmaceutical industry.

I can’t think of any further viable reasons why there has not been a wave of Islamic attacks in the UK. There is no election scheduled, the referendum has been and gone, Islamic terrorism in the UK would have no bearing on the US Presidential Election, so no reason for terrorist activity to be especially policed right now. And I doubt radical Muslims have just got bored and decided they prefer Pokemon Go.

The point of terrorism is, perforce, to terrify. But it can’t really do that if there isn’t any. And I think Europe could do with a bit more – no, a lot more – serious and nasty terrorism. In the same way I willed United to score ten, I think – though it grieves me to say it – that Europe needs some bloodshed. I can’t see what else is going to wake the warrior. The men of Europe seem quite happy for their women to be raped in half. Maybe if their mothers are blown up at the shops they might actually do something.

A last possibility is one of my fondest conspiracy theories. It runs roughly as follows:

The European elites are importing dysfunction in the form of Islamic men because they are all too aware of an upcoming financial catastrophe.

Once the catastrophe hits and countries successively fail, with ATMs going out across Europe, the populace will blame the influx of Muslims and start a war.

The EU state, possibly with the assistance and connivance of the US Army, will impose martial law across Europe.

A new globalist government is formed with draconian powers. Small wars are still allowed to rage across Europe, and the global army polices it whenever it threatens to compromise the new oligarchy.

There! All my own work. It must be extraordinary to be someone like George Soros, or the bank gods, or the US President. To be able to play chess on such a grand scale, and with real people, millions upon millions of real people. Stalin did it. Mao did it. Hitler, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great. It must flatter the soul to stand in such an illustrious line-up.

As for the worrying lack of terrorism in the UK, I will probably jinx things. All we can say to a certainty is that if Muslims can’t manage a bit of upscale killing in a land as pathetically guarded as Britain, the caliphate will seem a long way off.

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