Thursday, 25 August 2016


Today, Hillary Clinton will speak in Reno. Her speech is expected to be an attack on the Alt Right, as a burgeoning and largely online movement has come to be known. She will almost certainly challenge Donald Trump either to affiliate with or disavow this group of disparate writers and thinkers. It could easily be a defining moment in the most important US American presidential election of this century and possibly of any other.

Everyone has an opinion concerning Donald Trump. Win or lose, he has had the ride of his life. It’s quite a way to take a break and get out of the office. Personally, I think he will lose to Clinton. He faces too many opponents marching in lockstep, too many fixed bayonets. The entire MSM is against him. The political establishment, including his adoptive party, is against him. Blacks, fearful of losing their fount of free money, are against him. Latinos, faithful to La Raza, are against him. And, of course, self-hating liberal whites are against him. The odds are too great. A Trump win is simply not allowable. If nothing else, Clinton’s Jews will see to it.

But this is a big day for the Alt Right. Various websites are cock-a-hoop, and why should they not enjoy their day in the sun? The Alt Right, to me, is the only movement which makes any sense in a world spiraling into chaos like a planet whirling into its parent sun. And the reason is that it is not a movement. There is no ideological lockstep, no orthodoxy, no pseudo-religious canonical texts or preachers. There is just the one thing the Left, our new masters, fear and must destroy; a marketplace of ideas.

Clinton is clearly an appalling human being, both corrupt and maniacally anti-Caucasian, although that has reservations as the people she and Obama will actually harm most are poor blacks. And yet she may well occupy the White House as of next year. It is worth noting, in passing, that the leaders of arguably the three major nations on the planet will then be women. A triumph for feminism, or the opening scene from Macbeth writ large?

What, then, of the Alt Right? If, taking perhaps their cue from Islam, they are prepared to play the long game, a Clinton win may be the best thing that ever happened to them. The next presidency could well be a poisoned chalice. With a 19.3 trillion dollar debt, hyperinflation looming, and an uppity BLM crowd to go with an inimical gaggle of Mohammedan arrivistes, the USA may be about to experience its very own Weimar moment. Who wants to be president when the balloon goes up, and there is an interface between excrement and air extractor?

Personally, I don’t have a dog in the fight. Trump wins, and I have the joint pleasures of seeing whether a nation can pull itself back from the brink of the globalist abyss, in whose maw waits the Jew Soros. I can also enjoy the sight of BBC announcers in black armbands. Clinton triumphs, and I can pull up a chair on the beach here and watch the end of the USA, which may be the best thing for all concerned, all concerned being the rest of the world.

The Alt Right genuinely seems to scare the global elites, and yet it would not even exist had there been a genuine political Right to begin with. In the UK, there has not been one for many years, as brilliantly outlined a decade and a half ago in Peter Oborne’s seminal The Triumph of the Political Class. But the USA, until recently, has been successful in duping the West into believing that the Republican party were stern-faced conservatives determined to reverse Democrat liberalism and return the USA to some sort of pre-lapsarian golden age. This is, of course, nonsense. The Republican plan this time around was to have a comfortably bland wing-tip, a Carson, Cruz, or Rubio – you know, a whiff of exoticism to suggest inclusivity – who could lose to Clinton in style. Instead, they looked up from their expensive Japanese salads and saw Donald Trump. It was as though they had invited Gandhi for tea and got Hannibal Lecter instead.

And so the Alt Right coalesced from various strands of dissident thinking. Anti-globalist, anti-feminist, anti-Islamic, race-realist, economically frugal, anti-egalitarian, anti-Zionist; it seems that it is what the Alt Right are not that defines them. There is a white supremacist, or at least a white separatist, strand running through the varied sites, an ambivalence towards Jews, and a refreshing zeal when it comes to addressing racial differences. Trump, of course, would suffer smackdown if he aligned himself with these elements, but these elements have largely aligned themselves with him. But there is a chink in the armour of the Alt Right.

It is largely an online phenomenon and, if Clinton wins, you can bet the farm that one of her first assembles task forces will be dedicated to taking down dissident websites from Pamela Geller to The Right Stuff, Counter Currents to Jihadwatch, Alternative Right to The Occidental Quarterly, Vox Populi to The Daily Stormer. These sites differ wildly in their worldviews, but those worldviews have a common denominator; they will not be those of Clinton or the globalist, Soros-funded Left.

Nevertheless, a Trump defeat may seem to destroy this new vanguard of genuine political and cultural thought – and though is not something the Left will tolerate, at least free thought – it may condense the new resistance, the maquis fighters of the Alt Right into something more powerful and consolidated, something able to face the long game after the decline and fall of the West which is surely coming.

After all, every phoenix needs its ashes from which to rise.


  1. While I agree with most of what you say, I am so tired of the unnecessary Jew bashing. Yes, Soros is the living incarnation of emperor Palpatine and I despise everything about that anti-western creature. But why attack all Jews? This side show just opens the alt right up to the charge of racism and extremism and achieves nothing.

  2. Ah. See the latest post. I take your point.