Thursday, 2 June 2016


And so the EU Referendum looms for Great Britain. Personally, I don’t see how a Brexit win is possible. Referenda on EU membership have been held before in Europe, and the countries involved who voted ‘no’ have been politely requested by their unelected EU governors to vote again until the right result is achieved. In many ways, I think the EU Referendum is much like Trump’s run at the US Presidency. These are quite possibly stage-managed events to distract real people – and those who run our affairs are not real people - from the action taking place elsewhere. My brother is a magician, a member of the Magic Circle, and he emphasises the importance of the one hand that flashes this way and that, diverting the attention of the audience while the real prestidigitation is taking place in the other hand, the flash of the coin that you missed because you were not paying proper attention.

How the Left can defend the Remain bias from the BBC and other bodies is extraordinary. But then, for those of the Left, the truth and objectivity have never mattered, unless reality has become bothersome and requires manipulation, tweaking, or re-ordering. The Western Left is now in control of Plato’s cave, and are therefore the people controlling not reality but its perception.

One of the incidental problems for the Left is that Cameron is desperate to remain in Europe, and they must now defend his blatant bias. But then, cognitive dissonance is nothing new for the Left. As for Cameron, that smug and irritating PR man who has disgraced the name of Conservatism, it may be that he wants his legacy to be the PM who kept Britain in Europe because he wants a top seat at the EU trough when he finally steps down or is defeated in a General Election.

There remains the possibility that it makes absolutely no difference whether Britain votes to remain or leave the EU. It may be as irrelevant as having a cabin on either the port or starboard of the Titanic as the iceberg looms. We may hang either together or separately. Of course, if we look at the rogues’ gallery imploring a mystified public to stay, we can more or less make up our minds about the wisdom of staying for the real people. What a bunch of thieves and liars are the Remain crowd.
As for the welfare of the real people, no member of the political elites could care less. They are purely interested in their own careers and their pathetic globalist visions. Cameron from the beginning of his regime started using a childish PR catchphrase; we are all in this together. No, sir. We are not.

I’m certainly not. I have left for Costa Rica and with the exception of the occasional family and social visit, I won’t be going back to England. It’s just not my sort of place anymore. I like freedom of speech, genuine democracy, controlled immigration, a distinct lack of Islam – the Muslim population here is 0.001%, most of whom are in San Jose, and there are two mosques in the whole country, which is the way I like it – and a country that cares about its environment without there being a cadre of beneficiaries lurking in the shadows getting rich via Green extortion rackets. It may be the beginning of the rainy season here, with all the associated problems such as mosquitoes, keeping anything leather free from mildew, and drying clothes, but I’ll take any weather as long as I never have to hear the call to prayer.

I also like staying out of prison which, so far and to the amazement of some acquaintances, I have managed to do. I wonder how long that would be the case if I were to return to my home shores. I see that the long-expected putsch ­on social media has begun. Not on social media per se, you understand, only on those users who say the wrong things. I’m sure I won’t be allowed into Twitter’s playground for much longer, and Facebook will soon follow suit. The EU now wants government-issued ID cards for social media use. Welcome to the next level.

To return to Europe and the question of the referendum. The context of this question, the supporting canvas on which it is being outlined and painted, is not the future of the European Union as such. The context is the giant fiscal experiment in which the West is involved and from which it can no longer back down.

Western nations have been working for some time on the assumption that money can be endlessly conjured from a combination of quantitative easing – or money printing – supply-side investment in infrastructure, and money loaned from what amount now to junk-bond merchants. If they are right, happy days. If they are wrong, as Sammy Davis Junior used to say as he bounded on stage to play with Count Basie’s band; look out Count!

If Europe suffers a financial collapse, now that it has imported hundreds of thousands of economically useless and socially inimical Muslims, there will be blood, and it won’t be in the River Tiber. The EU has been trying the patience of real people for some time, insulting their intelligence, lying to them, punishing them if they dissent and, one can only assume, testing the limits to which they can be pushed.

So I’ll watch the referendum with indifference. It would be worth seeing the lemon-sucking faces on the BBC panels if Leave win, just as it would if Trump won, but I honestly don’t think the whole thing will matter when compared with what’s coming down the pike. The only thing we can say to a certainty about the EU referendum in Britain is that, in terms of campaigning and reporting, it will be a spectacle without dignity.

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