Thursday, 5 May 2016


The thing is, we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, “This is Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him I will have to shoot you before election day.” They’re not going to listen to reason, so when justice is gone, there’s always force.

Loring Wirbel, board member of the American Civil Liberties Union, Colorado chapter.

Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican candidate for the White House. Ted Cruz dropped out, much like a boxer floored in the third round deciding he has an urgent appointment elsewhere, and Trump will now move on the next round – a brokered convention, as likely as not – and his next enemy; the Republican Party whose triumph he would instantiate, but who will be trying every trick in the (Marxist play)book to stop their man.

Has anyone ever seen the like? Of course, the American electoral system is very different from that of the UK. The British vote for a party, not for an individual. However, there are similarities, and they have been highlighted by the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of The Labour Party. Much of the party actively tried to block Corbyn’s ascent to the leadership in favour of one or other of the stuffed shirts of their political elite. Burnham, Cooper, Umunna. These people are interchangeable and their installation was only ever intended to continue a dynasty of the convictionless. The difference is, of course, that ‘grassroots’ Labour members vote for the leader of a party, and Labour’s system allowed many to register and vote for their man without any consultation of the general public worth the name. Corbyn, one would imagine, could never be Prime Minister because the British public are not really Left wing in the sense that he is. But Corbyn was hated by his party in the same way as Trump is hated by what is now his. And, of course, they have other enemies.

That the media is almost entirely supportive of the Western political status quo cannot now seriously be doubted. Yes, they will bluster and cavil at one or other politico in any given news week, but this is just another false flicker on the wall of Plato’s cave. The arrival of social media has made it easier for the MSM to distract a still well-fed and watered populace with Twitter gaffes and Facebook howlers. When there is no football on and the Scandinavian pre-fabricated furniture stores are all closed, the voter might chuckle or wag a finger at some gravy train rider who has said something vaguely racist, or sexist, or detrimental towards men who, although they have penises, wish rather to be regarded as members of the opposite sex

To return to Trump, the media in the United States have reacted to the presumptive nominee’s run with what some in the alternative press have termed ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’. It is hard to deny that this tragic condition exists. Glenn Beck is surely the most extreme sufferer, and his nearest and dearest ought to be genuinely concerned for his mental well-being, but the spectrum of the popular press has united against an heir presumptive not of their choosing.

The 2016 American Presidential Election was supposed to be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, with Clinton getting the nod in order to continue the destructive work for which the Bushes and Bill Clinton laid the foundation before Obama erected the outer walls. Dynasties are easier for the global corporations to control and easier for the neo-Communist globalist gauleiters of the European Union to do business with. Obama has certainly been their pace-setter for globalisation, with his pro-Muslim, anti-white race hustling and blatant place setting in terms of the judicial system, a system rapidly becoming a toolkit with which the American elites can create the ghastly Socialist shopping mall they wish so fervently for, filled with happy coffee-coloured faces hiding low IQs but with access to powerful reserves of money which will never, in any meaningful sense, exist.

If Trump fails to gain the White House, you can be sure that the elites will set to work, headed by the dire Hillary Clinton, to rig the system to ensure that his type, outsiders to the political class, never again get a chance to make a run like his. In Europe, the people are being elbowed aside in democratic terms, and the unelected ‘leadership’ doesn’t even bother to deny it. The United States still has a nominal democracy but, absent a Trump presidency, this will go the way of the spinning wheel and the bronze axe.

Here are the major ways in which Trump has committed heresy against the political class and their media waterboys;

‘Make America great again!’ Trump’s whole campaign has as its centre of gravity nationalism, anathema to the elites. Their new global and mercantile world order is intended to erase national borders, eradicate patriotism, and ultimately to disrupt the genetic element which serves to maintain nationhood by the deliberate importation of foreigners, stranieri. Which leads us to our second point.

‘Build a wall!’ Americans, real Americans, are concerned about immigration, and so they should be. Black Americans in particular, whose plight has worsened under Obama and whose wages are the most likely to be depressed by the introduction of workers who thinks two dollars a day is very heaven. While the elites lie about the calibre of the arrivistes, trying pitifully to sell the American public the idea that they are getting busloads of neuro-surgeons and business entrepreneurs, Trump knows better. Although he hasn’t, to my knowledge, mentioned La Raza, if you let hundreds of thousands of mestizos into your country, La Raza is what you are going to get. Mexico, it should be noted, has a wall at its southern border to prevent immigration from Guatemala and Belize.

Trump appeals to predominantly white voters. This is absolutely verboten to the political and media class, haram in the extreme. The white man in particular is the target of modern geopolitical policy, and to have these same white men voting in an unapproved populist frightens them.

Trump is a successful businessman. Thus, he has a natural sense that life is a system of hierarchies. Politicians, with their (mendacious) notions of egalitarianism, are absolutely opposed to natural hierarchies of merit, preferring instead their own synthetic meritocracies.

Foreign policy. Trump’s non-adversarial, non-interventionist aims conflict absolutely with that of the political elites. In short, no wars means no revenue for the arms manufacturers and dealers, the wickedest people on the planet, and the greatest friends to the elites.

I remember the day Obama won his first election. A woman I knew, a hard-headed ex-nurse from Yorkshire I liked, came to see me with tears in her eyes. I asked if she was okay. “Yes,” she replied. “It’s just the result.” I knew immediately what she was talking about; America had a ‘black’ president, as if that were some great good in and of itself. I asked the woman what her favourite policy of Obama’s was. She looked at me with narrowed eyes, as Leftists always must when they realise that you are wise to their various stupidities. “That’s not the point.”

But it is the point with Trump. He has policies, and they are antithetical to the aims of the globalist, pseudo-egalitarian, multiculturalist, anti-white, materialist elites. For that, we must salute him, and wish him well.

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