Monday, 23 May 2016


This weblog has a very modest readership, and attracts few commenters. But I noticed something curious concerning a recent post. Noticing that one post had attracted six comments, I looked forward to reading what might become a small debate on the topic of the post. Three of the comments, however, had been removed. What was interesting is that the notification of the comments’ removal described them as having been ‘removed by the author’.

Needless to say, I did no such thing. Blogger undoubtedly employs assiduous little weevils to root through comments and pluck out those not deemed politically correct, to use one of the most nauseating phrases of the last fifty years.

Now, I am a hobbyist writer with a hundred or so hits a day, occasionally reaching five hundred if someone re-Tweets a posting. I hardly feel as though my human rights have been infringed. But this is a phenomenon which is creeping across the internet, as free speech of a certain tone and type is corralled and curtailed, controlled and coerced.

It goes without saying that the commentary which is disallowed comes from the Right, such as it is. Facebook leads the way, and Mark Zuckerberg has shown himself to be a good little houseboy to the likes of Merkel and Obama. Anti-immigration rhetoric is increasingly marshalled out of town, and it has recently been shown that news items from Conservative news sites are consistently muffled, with the likes of the dreadful Huffington Post boosted.

The comments pages at both The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph have a removal policy of anything they deem off-colour, and they are notionally Britain’s foremost, non-gutter Right-wing newspapers. The trend is to police anything anti-immigrant, critical of Islam, pro-white, disparaging of blacks and so on.

A curtailment of free speech is, of course, one of the founding tenets of Communism. Tens of thousands of people died in Stalin’s gulags merely for making jokes about the engineer of human souls, as described in Milan Kundera’s early novel The Joke. Not only are Kim Jong-un’s subjects absolutely unable to criticise Dear Leader, they are in trouble if they fail to show sufficient joy at his very being. The manic, deranged shows of affection whenever this strange, fat little man-boy makes a public appearance are a curiosity we might do well to get used to.

For something similar is happening in the West. I well remember a few years ago when David Blunkett, the then Home Secretary of Britain, informed a grateful public that we must all 'recognise and celebrate diversity’. For me, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I recognise diversity as I recognise any other unpleasant fact, like a faecal smell on an omnibus, but perhaps Mr. Blunkett and the other government apparatchiks will excuse me if I don’t show up for the party.

It is not enough now not to criticise, for example, Islam. You must show your dhimmi credentials when asked. Politicians and public sector workers have better have their story straight when the Muslim Question hoves inevitably into view. Those that don’t inevitably achieve instant pariah status. Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Lars Hedegaard, Tatjana Festerling, Tommy Robinson and Lutz Bachmann are all Europeans deemed guilty of wrongthink and thoughtcrime. There are many more of us who wonder if the midnight visit from an increasingly weaponised police force will one day come.

There is no freedom of speech now in the West, and you can be sure that unless a resurgent Right can make any real gains politically, socially and culturally in the near future, modes of expression such as the internet will become entirely an echo chamber for the bien pensant millennials who embody the correct attitude towards the Islamification of Europe, and the Americanisation and Caribbeanisation of her culture. The newspapers are already there, and you will find no dissident opinion there. The same unofficial code of practice applies to the television, with the nauseating BBC leading the way, supported by its coterie of gormless actors and shrieking students.

It is already possible to be arrested for an innocuous Tweet, as recently happened in south London. Free speech which takes the form of ‘hate facts’ is also punished appropriately. Jesse Helms, lead singer of The Eagles of Death Metal, commented honestly on the atrocity in Paris. He saw, he reported, Muslims dancing in the street, and was certain that the deadly Bataclan attack was facilitated by Muslim staff at the theatre. He was duly punished by dhimmi French promoters who cancelled several of his band’s engagements. Political correctness, as I believe Steve Sailer pointed out, consists largely in not noticing.

So, my apologies to those who had their comments removed. If you would like to send them to me via email, the address is

And to the nasty little police person undoubtedly reading this, haven’t you got any proper work to do?

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