Saturday, 2 April 2016


Some of our elites… professors, journalists, makers of motion pictures and television entertainment, et al… delight in nihilism and destruction as much as do the random killers in our cities.

Robert H Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah

This is the crisis I knew had to come,
Destroying the balance I’d kept.

Joy Division, Passover


As both my readers may be aware, ‘Traumaville’ originates from one of the final interviews given by Stanley Kubrick. The late film-maker was asked, at Cannes, about his final movie, Eyes Wide Shut. He told the interviewer that the film was based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novel Traumnovelle. Either the interviewer was cloth-eared or the recorded interview was unclear, because the title came out in print – in some raw copy I happened to be sub-editing for a British TV listings magazine - as ‘Traumaville’.

I pounced, as I am wont to do with curious words which fascinate me. The word seemed to sum up the modern Western state, both in the administrative, geographical sense and the sense of position and nature, of stasis. Traumaville is where we all live, kept in a constant state of anxiety by social engineers who wish us to believe both in the imminence of our demise, and that the only thing standing between us and oblivion is the benevolence and brilliance of government.

Climate change. Crime. Terrorism. Epidemics and pandemics. Unemployment. Economic collapse. Immigration. Islamism. The list of reasons to be fearful is a long one, and clever government web-spinners, little malevolent Penelopes, are constantly looking for ways to lengthen it.

What is happening in Europe at the moment, however, goes beyond even the founding charter, the very Constitution itself, of Traumaville. Governments know – they have to know – that the effects of uncontrolled Muslim immigration into the nation-states of the dar al harb is building up to an awful crescendo. If they are not aware of what is about to happen, we are in the realm of pure insanity, and it is not a realm where escape is possible.

Added to the migration phenomenon situation is the extreme likelihood of economic collapse. Now, I am no economic expert, but then neither are the economic experts. I do, however, know who I trust and believe, and it’s not people who talk about ‘the green shoots of recovery’, or the fact that the stock market has bounced back after a worrying dip. I’ve seen the Mob movies. Wiseguys who borrow on the street, gamble, then can’t pay the shark and get whacked out. That is what I believe will happen to the West, from various websites who have a good track record of getting it right.

Once the hedge-fund, short-sell, leverage merchants are either bored or rich enough to spend all their time at Juan Les Pins, the rest of us will have to fight for scraps under the groaning table laden with the feast. The local cinema in Traumaville, however, is not showing that movie. What does any Western politician think will happen to an already incensed and inflamed – and unskilled – migrant Muslim population when the money isn’t there to pay the benefit cheques? What if you went all the way to the Land of Milk and Honey to find there was no milk and no honey? If these people are letting off bombs and going on rape sprees now, what do you think they are going to want to do if the welfare cash dries up?

Simply because the people who decide how long the news cycles are have decided that the EU is not in desperate financial trouble does not mean that the fiscal cavalry have arrived. It has not. The economic depression sweeping the West has not gone away because Sky News and the BBC have found some other newsworthy trinket to play with.

Fiscally speaking, Europe is taking its last sip of its last drink in the Last Chance Saloon, and the barman is about to call time. Why, then, the morbid obsession with importing hundreds of thousands of unproductive young men whose ideology, such as it is, is entirely antipathetic to its host nations? There are several possible reasons.

Western governments are well aware that a financial crash is coming, and they are not prepared to bear the brunt of the social – or, rather, anti-social – backlash this will inevitably cause. They want scapegoats, and what better than an obstreperous hoard of medievalists sponging money, sexually assaulting the women folk, and demanding rights denied to the indigenous citizenry? In effect, the elites are importing the new Jews for an extended Kristallnacht if and when things go badly wrong at the bank.

Alternatively, Western governments genuinely wish for the Islamisation of Europe because they believe they can ride the tiger. Many EU politicians seem to suffer from the psychological condition known in psychological circles as the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is a cognitive condition in which the sufferer (although it is those around them who actually suffer) is under the illusion that he or she is far more intellectually able than they actually are, with a resultant sense of innate superiority with no grounding in reality.

Possibly, the benefit of importing Islam is that it will bring to the surface the political Right so despised by Western governments. Tommy Robinson told me once over the phone that the police had offered him several versions of a deal to work with them to smoke out the bogeymen of the far Right in exchange for the end of his blatant harassment. This is well documented in Enemy of the State.

The coming civil war between Muslim immigrants and their Leftist sympathisers, and everyone else, will allow the government to impose ever more Draconian measures to control the populace now that period drama, garden centres and football seems to be fading in its power to hold the attention of the masses in the absence of Christian religion. Boris Johnson, possibly the last Christian Mayor of London, bought an awful lot of water-cannons some time ago. I do not believe that they are intended for watering the roses in The Regent’s Park in the event of a drought.

Finally, there is the possibility that the elites really do despise the past of the nation-states that put them where they and facilitated the culture and largesse of white people. Freud puts his head round the door once more as Thanatos conquers Eros and civilisation becomes discontented with itself.

Whatever happens, the West will be no country for old men before long. It would be better, today, to be eighty years old than eight.

The sweetest sound I hear every day is the whispered ‘thank you’ from the children I never had for saving them from what is coming.


  1. Mark, I reckon they think they can ride the tiger, though I may be crediting them with greater powers of reason than they actually have. Denial, to fall back on the cliché, is not just a river in Egypt.

    They do indeed, I think, despise the society and civilisation into which they were born.

    I am becoming an old man, and wish we could get on with it before I get much older: not enough of us know which end of a gun goes bang, and very few of you youngsters. Many of the recent imported jihadis do, and I sometimes speculate about what exactly is stored in the cellars of the mosques.

    I see what you mean about the missing children, but they say the future belongs to them as shows up for it.

    Many thanks for your writings.

  2. Thank you sir. I write to attempt to understand the coming troubles.