Sunday, 20 March 2016


If or when Donald Trump loses the presidential election to Hillary Clinton in November, the Western media will immediately set to work. They will move quickly from spittle-soaked praise for the ascension of their nominated candidate to the new Peacock Throne, but editors will have swift instructions for their galley slaves. Overtime will be cancelled as a new tapestry of op-ed is spun with one goal and one only; close down the debate Trump opened up.

It makes absolutely no difference what anyone thinks of Donald Trump. As an individual, he is not particularly important. What is important is that he opened a new agora in a town which is trying to discourage free speech. America is not as far gone in its destruction of free expression as Europe, not yet. Perhaps its First Amendment has proved more of a shield against the new Lord Chancellors of Newspeak than Europe’s parlous ideological defences. Geert Wilders is currently on trial for a statement Trump throws out like candy bars.

But America has seen the future via Trump and his supporters, and the media will not forgive him – or them – for that transgression. It will be interesting, in the event of another Clinton presidency, to see how the wife of the serial adulterer attempts to punish with legislation both Trump voters and the property interests of the man himself.

It can’t seriously be avowed now that there is not a Progressivist, Globalist, Leftist ideological plantation which was planted after the Second World War, heavily fertilised and nourished in the 1960s, and slowly, surreptitiously tended ever since, nor that this is now coming to its fruit-bearing season. The extension of Islam, La Raza, and big government are being hooked together in sequence. There can be only one target, and that target is now turning up in its tens of thousands to watch Donald Trump speak. At least, they are turning up when their way is not blocked by violent opponents of free speech and democracy. And the furious SJWs wasting police time on the USA’s highways have a stalwart comrade; the media.

Nothing frightens the political elites as much as their current nightmare; a rich white man who needs no financial donors being cheered and voted for by thousands and thousands of white people who do not believe that diversity is America’s strength. The provisional wing of big government, the media, are now the fourth branch of that government in the same way that the UK refers to the Fourth Estate. But the media are not there to speak truth to power. They exist to create truth for power. If Trump falls at the last hurdle, it will be journalists cheering at the finish line.


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