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We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin

Without contraries there is no progression.
William Blake

Counterjihad is dissension against the perceived Islamisation of the West. The following is a short list of ten leading counterjihadis. Different personalities, same sensibilities.

Fjordman is the pen name of a Norweigan blogger who largely uses GOV as his preferred outlet. Named as an inspiration by Breivik in his manifesto, Fjordman was actually ill-used by a maniac. He has self-published a book; Defeating Eurabia (currently unavailable on Amazon). His bulletins on Islamisation are scholarly yet full of commitment. GOV is the first daily port of call for the counterjihadist. Run by a middle-aged American couple, it is a focal point for online counterjihad. Two Labour MPs have called for the site to be closed down.

Geller is the brashest American counterjihadi. Her website Atlas Shrugs monitors Islamist activity, Western responses, and the threat to Israel. Together with Robert Spencer, she was denied entry to the UK. Geller has since sponsored a series of counterjihad posters on various American public transport systems. President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, she remains fiercely opposed to the construction of an Islamic community centre near the site of the Twin Towers. Denies being anti-Islamic, preferring to be described as opposed to Islamism.

The most erudite counterjihadi, whom I had the pleasure of being introduced to. Murray writes, among others, for Standpoint and The Spectator. His book Islamophilia is an excellent primer for the state of Western appeasement of Islamism. Murray is the most likely dissident here to be invited onto a BBC panel. As with all the counterjihadis listed, Murray’s focus is increasingly the response of the West to Islam rather than Islam itself; Robert Spencer (see below) is probably the expert witness there.

A firebrand from the non-ideological, non-intellectual segment of the counterjihadi spectrum. Robinson was the leader of the English Defence League, a rough-and-ready collection of football hooligans Robinson eventually quit. After a brief spell ‘working with’ the Quilliam Foundation – a think-tank which purports to challenge extremism but works for Islamic interests – Robinson was invited to speak at the Oxford Union, among other engagements. He recently had a similar address at Durham University cancelled, and has been disgracefully victimised by UK police (he has, however, served time for genuine offences). He travels Europe speaking on Islam, and now actively supports PEGIDA.

Sabaditsch-Wolff is a Viennese housewife who failed her shariah-compliancy test by presenting a series of 2009 seminars to a political academy linked to the Austrian Freedom Party. Covertly recorded by a Socialist journalist, her show trial collapsed but she was still nominally fined for remarks implying that Mohammed was a paedophile. The daughter of a diplomat, Sabaditsch-Wolff had first-hand experience of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979. A tireless speaker on Islam, she has described herself as ‘a victimless convict’.

A genuine outsider. Seiyo is an online journalist dropped by some titles for the bluntness of his analysis, which is some of the most erudite available. Read (via Gates of Vienna) Seiyo’s long essays The Bee and the Lamb and From Meccania to Atlantis. Seiyo was born under Communism, has lived all over Europe and America, and is now (I believe) resident in Japan. The Bee and the Lamb begins with the story of Estonia, a model of ethnic nationalism he pits against the lassitude of the West. Seiyo is also disgusted by modern culture, and sees it as a factor in the decline leading to Islamisation.

Spencer could be called Mr. Counterjihad. His blog is Jihad Watch. His many books are informed and crafted, the news about Islam you won’t get from the MSM. He co-founded Stop Islamisation of America (SIOA) with Pamela Geller, and the pair were notoriously banned from the UK by the Home Office for ‘making statements that may foster hatred that might lead to inter-community violence’. Spencer memorably debated an imam on live radio, quoting from the Koran at will, while his opponent seemed all at sea with the book. Spencer’s Master’s thesis was on Catholic history.

Although he sometimes over-reaches for a pun, Steyn is able to hit hard with both facts and humour. In court in Canada over free speech issues, and currently involved in a lawsuit against fraudulent climate alarmist Michael Mann, Islam is only one item on Steyn’s ‘to-do’ list. Steyn was the first, in America Alone, to point out that Europe’s demographics are the weakest weapon against population replacement and the dissolution of nation states that goes with it. Steyn is always worth a listen in TV and radio interviews. A staunch defender of free speech, Steyn’s battle with Islamic media techniques and lawfare are best expressed in Lights Out. Mark Steyn is also a crooner with an immense knowledge of music.

Weston was a member of UKIP before defecting to the British Freedom Party with ex-EDL and BNP members. He later split again to form Liberty GB, whose site has gained in articulacy in recent months. He produces straightforward videos stating his position, and is adamant that the Western elites are complicit in European Islamisation. Weston was famously arrested for quoting from Churchill’s The River War concerning Islam.

A Dutch parliamentarian who has lived under police protection for a decade over his views on Islam. A ceaseless speaker, his book is not available on Kindle in translation in the UK, although Mein Kampf and the Koran are. Wilders has made a comparison between these two books. His film, Fitna, was shown to the House of Lords, despite vigorous claims by a Muslim lord to have the showing cancelled. Wilders’ party, The Party for Freedom, now holds a decisive number of seats in the Dutch Parliament. Wilders has been the subject of show trials for hate speech, and is currently being prosecuted again.



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