Tuesday, 10 November 2015


The enterprise failed disastrously, but officials again falsified reports in order to meet government-set steel production targets.

Charles River Editors, The Life and Legacy of Mao Zedong


All this indicates to us that the European nations are moving toward a New Middle Ages.

Guillaume Faye, Convergence of Catastrophes 


The Great Leap Forward was the central stratagem of Mao Zedong’s Communist Revolution. The results are known to history, except that the Left would rather you took no notice of Mao and Stalin, or any of the other Marxist basket-case economies, and focussed your attention on Hitler. Communism, for the Left, failed not because of any internal contradictions or faults within its ideology, but because the proletariat scandalously failed to learn the sheet music to the Communist Internationale.

The Great Leap Forward, operating from 1958 to 1961, was a perfect example of the type of Communist obsession with command-and-control economies which kill as part of their process. Mao’s plan was to transform an agrarian economy into an industrialised, collectivist one. This grand scheme cost anything up to 45 million lives, most of the dead programmatically starved. It is one of the twentieth century’s great scandals but, along with Stalin’s genocide of the Kulaks and the killing fields of Pol Pot, it is difficult to make out in the vast shadow of Hitler the Left have levered into place, as though history were a giant stage set.

The Great Leap Backward, inaugurated by the man Peter Hitchens calls ‘the Blair creature’, but undoubtedly extant in nursery form for the whole of the post-war period, is unlikely to slaughter on the scale of Communism, but it will have casualties: education (in any meaningful sense), freedom of speech, the internet, personal autonomy in respect of the State, the traditional family unit, the nation state and the concept of national borders, biologically determined gender roles, law and order, race relations. All these elements of society will be adversely affected in a programmatic and deliberate process of managed dysfunction.

For the Left, a leap backwards will be progress because it will – in their dysgenic theories – facilitate the coming of a glorious Socialist dawn after which the masses will think only one thought; The State is everything. Indeed, ‘progress’ itself is difficult to define; one man’s progress is another’s retardation. Charles Darwin, the great prophet of evolution, does not equate his master-concept with progress, merely adaptation and environmental fitness. For those of us, however, who see Enlightenment rationality – flawed as it is – as at least an indicator of genuine social progress, at least something to be desired for what it may achieve, the Left’s cultural, Gramscian onslaught can only tend towards an epoch described by Guillaume Faye in The Convergence of Catastrophes, one in which;

‘…the Twenty-first century will not be the “progressive” continuation of the contemporary world, but the rise of another world.’

This world, the world for which the Progressivist Left is aiming whatever the cost in social capital, looks set to be a strange amalgam of the three great English dystopian novels: Brave New World, 1984, and A Clockwork Orange. The blended themes of these visionary books are rigidly controlled education, totalitarian state surveillance and sanctioned violence.

Education has been under attack for some time. The broad humanist, classicist, post-Enlightenment curricula are being replaced by orthodox, anti-Western, anti-white, anti-male propaganda designed to produce conformity and blandness of thought coupled with an inability to analyse inferentially from facts. Organisations such as the EU will take any new circumstance to bolster this crippling of intelligent thought; witness Germany’s latest announcement that it will lower educational standards to allow for its new Muslim arrivistes. See also the intellectual defenestration of university campuses and their conversion into politically orthodox mill-houses designed to produce one political viewpoint and one only.

In the United Kingdom, we are or should be painfully aware of state surveillance. With an estimate of between a third and a quarter of the CCTV cameras in the world – more per capita than North Korea – one might wonder what it is the government thinks we are doing. The answer is not plotting terrorism. The answer is Thoughtcrime. Cameron’s New Puritans are not interested in some sub-median IQ imam and his revanchist, 7th-century fantasies. He is concerned about what we are told is the ‘return of the Far Right’, the Far Right being anyone whose Weltanschaaung doesn’t mimeograph that of a BBC diversity officer.

Youth violence and its tacit acceptance needs nothing more than a cursory visit to the newspapers to confirm, and is a way of keeping the citizenry firmly within the city walls of Traumaville. Read local newspapers on this subject, not the mainstream, legacy media. Among other things, strict guidelines concerning race and ethnicity mean that nothing like a full picture is available from conventional media. Local newspapers are, for now, less constrained, as the rogues’ gallery of mugshots that stare from their pages confirms.

The goal of The Great Leap Backwards is a more stupid, docile, malleable society, riven by religious and ethnic conflict, crippled by economic woes over which governments will claim to have technocratic control, at least by privatising profit for the bankers and making public any debt or failure. You will be rewarded for going to Homebase, cheering on the Muslima from The Great British Bake Off, and working for the Public Sector. You will be under suspicion for reading those verboten parts of the internet dealing with migration, trade partnerships, government control of the internet, and race realism.

Millions will not die because of The Great Leap Backwards, but the potential of an entire historical ethny will be wasted, quietly euthanised in the name of Progressivism. It would be better to be eighty years old today than eight. All the bright promise modern youth feels pulsing like sap in the veins of trees in spring is an illusion, faery favours, Pepper’s Ghost. The Progressivist Left is about to force us all backwards. All you can do, in all conscience, is resist.


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