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What do SJW’s [Social Justice Workers] want to achieve? Their goal is power and domination over the Western cultural narrative to manufacture a consensus that is aligned with their extreme far-left ideology.

Vox Day, SJWs Always Lie




Bahar Mustafa was, until recently, the ‘welfare and diversity officer’ at Goldsmith’s College in London. Assuming that ‘welfare’, both one’s own and that of others, is something everyone automatically strives for, let us put that aspect of Ms. Mustafa’s toil to one side. Diversity is, of course, one of the pillars of the coming age, and Social Justice Workers [SJWs] such as Ms. Mustafa must ensure that we get diversity and plenty of it.

We must not, of course, be too diverse; one can have too much of a good thing. Diversity does not extend, in Ms. Mustafa’s Weltanschaaung, to white men, for example. She made this clear by using the modish device of the hashtag for her Tweets, her version reading; #KillAllWhiteMen. This faux pas on anti-social media saw Ms. Mustafa summonsed to court in London last month potentially to face ‘hate speech’ (soon to be shortened to ‘Hatespeech’, as in Orwell’s ‘Thoughtcrime’?) charges. These were, mercifully, dropped, allowing Ms. Mustafa to continue her important work.

When she is not organising university conferences which are either segregated by gender or not open to white people, Ms. Mustafa apparently spends at least some of her time in email correspondence with luminaries of the counterjihad, as profiled here two postcards ago. In this case, Ms. Mustafa is alleged to have emailed Pamela Geller, the notable anti-Islamist who hosts the Atlas Shrugs website, as follows;

You deserve to be raped in every hole by hordes of muslims [sic], slapping and choking you, spitting in your mouth and pissing in ya [sic] face.

Ms. Mustafa seems to have used the Goldsmith’s College server to send her rather vivid gang-rape fantasy.

Goldsmith’s have, of course, spluttered the usual rubbish about account hacking and spoofing and various other versions of the secular taqqiya that dominates the SJW’s interior landscape, bleak and joyless and egg-bound as it is. Somebody certainly sent it, however, and purportedly from Ms. Mustafa’s account. As noted, she does have form. Perhaps if it is noted by the authorities that she – or a colleague – has already fallen foul of the Malicious Communications Act of 1988, she may yet acquire form of a different kind. This would be a racing certainty if she carried the taint of the Right wing about her – if she was a UKIP councillor, say – but with the tireless, politically orthodox, halo-hunting SJW, the law can often show restraint.

Whoever sent the email, the phrasing is uncomfortable. Of course, across Europe, hordes of Muslims actually are gang-raping and spitting at women, as well as, of course, gunning down concert-goers and torturing them as they lie dying. In Ms. Mustafa’s view – or that of her little helper – Ms. Geller’s crime is the greater; she has dared to criticise Islam. This makes her, in the hyper-moral calibration of the SJW-cum-student (how often the categories overlap!), a racist, the crime of crimes among the modern young people. Of course, as Ms. Geller and many others ceaselessly point out, Islam is not a race. But ‘racism’ does not mean what it used to mean. Like fascism as outlined by Orwell, it has simply become shorthand for ‘bad’, ‘evil’, and ‘not what I believe’.

For the self-respecting SJW – and there is no other kind – racism is a purely white pursuit. Ms. Mustafa is on record as stating that it is literally not possible for her to be racist as she belongs to an ethnic minority, that coveted talisman of the (post-)modern. This is the clear advantage the Left hold in any debate – debate, however, being something they are set against – concerning what can and can’t be said; they get to define, regulate and apply the rules of discourse. That is, given that you understand what they are talking about. From Bahar Mustafa’s home page on the Goldsmith’s website;

ZERO TOLERANCE on homophobia, queer-phobia, trans*phobia, racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, ableism, cis-sexism, and classist behaviour.

And people say Heidegger is difficult to understand.

Whether or not Ms. Mustafa sent the email, it might be instructive to use one of the Left’s tactics against its practitioners. After a string of well-publicised rape ‘n’ racism hoaxes on American campuses, student spokespeople took the view that it didn’t matter whether the events had actually happened (Google ‘mattress rape girl’, for example), only that the various wrongs committed by white men the world over were highlighted. Applying this criterion, the email to Ms. Geller captures perfectly the tone of the Left. Do not criticise; smear. Do not refute; shout down. Do not engage in argument; abuse and threaten and curse. Why would you spend time on the difficult task – and any genuine intellectual task is a Sisyphean hill for the modern student – of argumentation and genuine debate when you can just colour the air in wishing that someone is gang-raped, spat and urinated upon? Thus the Left at the modern university.

If any of you reading this have young children, I imagine that you would be pleased and proud if they eventually attended a university. Think again. By the time they are admitted, people of the calibre of Ms. Mustafa will not be a part of the student body; they will be faculty. Your child will probably be okay, provided they are prepared to adhere to a Draconian system of orthodoxy. You might suggest to them that they don’t attempt anything difficult such as a science degree. Better to stick with Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Women’s Studies, Black History, or any one of a host of other non-subjects leading to a meaningless degree which will never directly earn them five minutes’ worth of paid employment.

Ms. Mustafa resigned her post ‘for the preservation of my mental and physical health’. It is already far, far too late for her mental health, I fear.

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