Sunday, 15 November 2015


There is a war

Between the ones who say

There is a war

And the ones who say

That there isn’t. 

Leonard Cohen, There is a War


One night in Paris

Could be your last. 

10cc, Une Nuit à Paris

I awoke late on Saturday morning, at 07:01 – just 15 sleeps from my Paris trip – to a text from a Sun journalist;

All kicked off in Paris. Many dead.

There is no need to rehearse the actual events themselves; even the BBC will give you those. They will lie and lie again about the causes, but they will tell you what actually happened. What is needed now is to separate friend from enemy. And our immediate enemy is not ISIS. Our enemy is within. They look and speak like us. Absent their various psychoses, they are us. There is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say that there isn’t…

For many years, since before 9/11, I have warned anyone prepared to listen to me about Islam. I’ve lost friends over it and I’m happy to see them go. I’m not talking about radical Islam, or ISIS, or extremism; I’m talking about Islam. If you study this religion – and I have – you will find occasionalist metaphysics which denies freedom of the will. You will find a patriarchal, misogynistic, institutionalised set of rape fantasies which ought to enrage every feminist from Hampstead to UCLA. You will find an active revanchism for which the ‘migrant crisis’ is taking the form of an enabling act in a legislative chamber. But, even when this cabinet of Dr. Caligari is opened and inspected, you still won’t find your enemy. As in one of those science fiction films – They Live, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Thing –the danger lurks inside those who exactly resemble you. And so our enemies are not brown skinned men in shalwar kameez. Our enemy is the Progressive Western Left.

David Cameron, a man for whom there is absolutely no excuse, has made another fatuous speech, although it does make an important point, albeit not, of course, in the way that he – or rather his speech-writing ‘droids – would think. The terrorists, says this son of The Bullingdon Club, want to divide us. Good. Then I am on the side of ISIS on this one. I want us divided, divided between those who recognise this for what it is, a Muslim spasm war, and those who think the problem will go away if we play Imagine outside a Parisian nightclub. I want us divided between those who would be prepared to fight for European history, and those who want no borders. I want us divided between those prepared to risk imprisonment by speaking the truth about Islam, and those who think criticism of any Muslim is tantamount to ‘hate speech’. There is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say that there isn’t…

The image I will retain from yet another weekend of death in the name of Allah – and please do not forget that thousands of Christians are killed every week, by Muslims, in faraway countries of which we know little – is of the obligatory street celebrations held by gibbering, shrieking, cawing young Muslim men. One in particular held my attention; it was outside the tube station at Tooting Broadway. My nan used to walk me past that very spot when I was a very small boy (15 sleeps till Paris…). Yesterday, it was temporarily a zoo. There is a war…

So I want division, in many ways. I want there to be a very clear division between me and French journalist Agnes Poirier, for example, who reported that the 10/11th arrondisements under Muslim attack in Paris are “very diverse – that makes it more poignant for the French.” Does it, Agnes? Do ordinary French people - sick to death of Islam, in all likelihood – feel even sadder because some foreign arrivistes might have died along with their countrymen and women.

I want clear blue water between myself and the Twitter community who are currently asking us to look at ourselves if we want to know where the problem lies, who say that all religion has extremists, who remind us ad nauseam that there is a peaceful majority of Muslims who want no part of this. They truly are a silent majority; I see no marches, no Muslim anti-ISIS demonstrations, no Muslim editorials criticising this religion of death. There is a war…

I want a great divide between my people and those of Bernie Sanders, the American Democratic candidate for the presidency who believes that global warming is to blame for the rise of ISIS. I want defined borders between myself and Jeremy Corbyn, who thinks the death of the clumsily named ‘Jihadi John’ is regrettable. I want people who understand precisely what is happening in the West to say firmly to their Leftist friends, busy as they will no doubt be warning against Islamophobia, that their friendship is no longer needed. There is a war…

Islam has become a problem, but Islam would be ground under the Western heel if the real people of the West had any say in the matter, a say which has been systematically erased. Islam would not stand a chance against Europe were it not for one factor; our leaders. The whole world-government, open-border, ex-Communist cabal leading us into the shadow of the valley of death are the genuine enemy. If we do not kick back against these dreadful social engineers, there will be blood.

John Lennon songs aren’t going to help us now. Tolerance isn’t going to help us now. ‘Co-exist’ bumber stickers are not going to help us now. Multiculturalism isn’t going to help us now. We have to help ourselves by admitting a genuinely inconvenient truth.

There is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say that there isn’t…



  1. Excellent point, excellently put.

    The Spanish Solution is the only way forward. Fernando and Isabella would have despised our political class.

  2. Well said. We need to polarise, to distinguish friends from enemies for the coming conflict. Pretending we can all just get along isn't going to work any more.