Friday, 9 October 2015


When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they naturally prefer the strong horse.

Osama bin Laden

Who [is doing what to] whom?

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


Vladimir Putin is an ex-KGB man. His grandfather was a chef to the post-Tsarist court, and served dinner to Lenin, Stalin and Rasputin. He will have seen genuinely dreadful things. He is well versed in the art of judo and speaks fluent German. Barack Obama is an ex-‘law student’ and ‘community organiser’. His family background is hotly disputed, and he has a Muslim middle name. He will have seen, or thinks he has seen, or has been told he has seen, unspeakable racism. He plays a lot of golf and when he speaks tends to do so from a teleprompter.

The two men are currently engaged in a proxy chess match in Syria, one which will have wider repercussions in the middle East. There is not a great deal of point in relying on Western mainstream media [MSM] – who still think Obama is the best president in America’s history when he is clearly the worst – for your information concerning Syria and the middle East in general.

When it looks tough for the MSM to report favourably on one of its sainted subjects, it relies on complexity, nuance and the argument tu quoque. What Putin understands is that people in general, ordinary people like his own parents, deal in simplicity and absolutes. And so, when they see the West pussy-footing into some grand hall for the latest round of their eternal talking shop on the subject of the Arab world – a blight which will always be with us – he sees the advantage of lock and load. Where Obama is beginning to look like what he is, a soft-palmed, out-of-his-depth social engineer used to bullying his own state departments and weaponising the IRS against his enemies, Putin is starting to look like what he might be, a dependable tough guy who doesn’t mind knocking other heads together than just those of his own courtiers.

The first thing Putin understands better than Obama is the nature of the Muslim world. While Obama, the MSM and the western elites insist on segregating the Islamic ummah in such a way that Muslims themselves would never do except in a pragmatic, non-sectarian way, into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Muslims,  Putin simply realises that there is an Islamic civil war taking place which has been going on for centuries. America bets on its runners too, of course, it just lies about it.

And so, while Obama is claiming that Russia is backing the wrong side while pretending to go after ISIS – itself a Western creation with Obama as its ‘Arab Spring’ architect – Putin is now a hero in Iraq. What Blair, Bush, Cameron or Obama would have given to have that accolade. But they are PR men, photo-op monkies, technocrats. Putin is increasingly looking like the real deal.

There is much evidence that Putin is an Orthodox Christian; he wears his Baptismal cross openly, for example. Obama is absolutely not a Christian, both turning a blind eye to the persecution of Christians in the middle East (a persecution he is happy to fund), and openly championing the sworn enemy of both Christianity and, of course, Judiasm; Islam. Obama has also spent a great deal of his quasi-imperial reign stirring up racial hatred in his own country. Telling Putin that black men are being routinely targeted by racist police (which they are not) would be unlikely to garner much interest.

There is another long-game consequence that benefits Putin. The more his bombers and destroyers pound Syria, the bigger the horde of refugees looking to leave for mainland Europe with its rich pickings and the craven, quasi-dhimmi posturing of its elites. Now, when genuine Syrian refugees begin to arrive, rather than the posers who have pretended to be Syrian so far and succeeded in conning European authorities already practically neutered, this will put even more strain on what will be, by then, very parlous infrastructures in the Western European nations. The Eastern European countries, of course, who remember the hell of Communism are less keen on having another totalitarian ideology invade. Thus, by hitting Syria, Putin realises his political objectives, thins the Islamist herd, and weaponises the resultant camp of the saints 2.0. It’s a brilliant strategy to put against Obama’s blustering, self-righteous drivel.

Concerning the personalities of the two men, what is refracted through the distorting prism of the media is still instructive. Putin comes across as a calculating, nationalistic, intelligent political operator. Nothing short, in fact, of an ex-KGB man. Obama, by contrast, is shown – despite the best efforts of the lickspittle MSM – as a petulant, empty-headed, chippy and over-privileged doofus. Nothing short, in fact, of an ex-community adviser. Putin loves Russia to the same extent that Obama despises America.

And so, while Obama is on the links or partying with Kanye, Putin’s destroyers are off the coast raining fire on Aleppo. Who looks the more capable? The media is shilling for Obama, as usual, for all its pitiful worth. But the narrative is starting to fold under questioning and, when the narrative fails, the Left are in trouble. CNN, for example, stated that Russian missiles have fallen in Iran. The Americans can’t confirm this, the Russians flatly deny it, and it’s certainly news to the Iranians but, hey, all the news that’s fit to print, right?

Vselovod Chaplin, head of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church (as opposed to the Charlie Chaplin in The White House), has called the Russian exercise in Syria part of a ‘Holy war’. I never thought I’d be pleased to hear that phrase again in the 21st century, but if all we have to place against that attitude is an uppity social agitator who states that ‘the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’, I know where my money is. As Lenin rightly said; who is doing what to whom?

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