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[T]he Right poses a special problem in that its different tendencies define themselves largely in opposition to the Left, which often gives them a negative or reactive character.

Michael O’Meara, New Culture, New Right


The leftist brain cannot be fathomed.

John Derbyshire, Introduction to From the Dissident Right II



The political Right wing in Europe is a spent force. Not only that, beaten as it is, the Left is not finished with it yet. Even though the Left controls Europe’s political chambers, its media, its academic institutions, its public sector, its police, its armed forces and its financiers, the long march through the institutions set in motion by the imprisoned Gramsci is not over, not until the future is a Right-wing face being stamped on by a Leftist, Progressivist training-shoe, forever. Incipit Daniel Friberg.

I recently heard a Swedish girl in a bar say; “The top party in my country is Right-wing! It’s really scary!” Oh, sweetheart, I thought. Here comes the twister. What is ‘scary’ is that she doesn’t find the Islamisation of her country ‘scary’, its elevation to the rape capital of Europe ‘scary’, its relentless hounding of dissenting voices ‘scary’. Incipit Daniel Friberg.

Friberg is the Swedish CEO both of Arktos, a media group, and Wiking Mineral, a mining company. He is also the co-founder of Motpol, a think-tank devoted to what he calls ‘metapolitics’. The Real Right Returns is a short, inexpensive book which, for those of us on the political Right, represents a glimmer of light in an encroaching darkness.

‘Metapolitics’ is central to the book and the movement. The history of the Greek prefix meta- begins, of course, with Aristotle’s Metaphysics, the book placed after the Physics. Here, metapolitics has an accompanying, qualifying role to play before politics can begin;

‘Metapolitics is the prerequisite of politics – the dynamic of power, as it is manifested on the street and computer screen and up to the government and parliament; in the media and the press; in academia, cultural institutions, and civil society; as well as in art and culture. In short, in all the channels which communicate values perceived on an individual and collective level. This is the reason why metapolitical analysis must precede political action.’

At issue is the politicisation of ordinary people, those who are not represented by the special interest groups of the Left. Soon, politics will no longer be a dull interim between baking shows, holiday packages and sports, but will impinge on every person in Europe in a way they will genuinely find ‘scary’. The New Right, if it is to succeed – and it must – has to be what the Greeks knew as pharmakos; both poison and antidote. The poison must be given to the Left, the antidote to the people.

The book begins with a history of the post-war rise of Leftism, and the facilitating collusion of the political elites. These elites are, writes Friberg;

‘The fanatical group of warmongers who, while mouthing platitudes about human rights and democracy, kill millions throughout the world while simultaneously using the same rhetoric to encourage mass migration to Europe from the Third World…’

These people must be wrenched from power. Revolution, however, is not an option. This is ‘to relate to society as an angry child to a parent.’

That the Left no longer operate simply within the political sphere rounds out the idea of metapolitics. The Left are now active in the social and private arenas, snooping, harassing, intimidating. ‘These conceited moral policemen’, as Friberg terms them, have extraordinary power in Sweden – and increasingly in Germany – to hound people from their jobs for politically heterodox opinions. We only have to look at the show trials of Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Marine Le Pen and other to see this. The UK’s Tommy Robinson is, as I have chronicled elsewhere, a de facto political prisoner. Friberg includes a practical list of actions to take if or when the new ideological Stasi come looking for you.

The New Right must be properly conservative if it is to be anything at all. This means a reversion to traditional family values, gender roles, educational standards and techniques, and social capital rather than just a clamour of selfish and grasping individuals. In a feminised, homosexualised, anti-Christian and sexually liberal Europe, this presents a Herculean task, partly due to the Left’s success in de-masculinising men;

‘The deconstruction of the European male has been an important element in – and in fact a prerequisite for – the Left’s project of destruction.’

For no mistake must be made; the Left are wreckers, destroyers, defilers of all that is great and good about Europe. This is why they are such natural lapdogs for Islam. As Friberg warns;

‘Free yourself from the false worldview of the Left. Do not even consider it as anything other than a product of insane people who want to hurt you.’

This is far from sensationalist rhetoric. I recently disassociated myself from all the people in my life who were markedly Leftist (all three of them were women, as a matter of fact) and I am much the better for it. I see the empty, nihilistic, asinine fruits of their ideology all around me every day; I don’t need friends like that. I have seen and I increasingly understand the damage the Left has done to the West, to one of the greatest cultures that has ever existed, and I will now not tolerate it within the reach of my arm. If you are a Leftist, you are part of a cancer which must be cut out; the only surgical implement suitable for this excision is the scalpel of the New Right.

Gone are the days where creatures of the Right such as myself can be content with laughing at and ridiculing the jackanapes of the Left; we must now recognise them for the deadly enemies they are and fight them as such. Friberg’s book will be a key component in the arsenal which must be assembled for that fight.


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