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People in power bamboozle the public… into supporting rules that will ultimately be used to protect the sensibilities (or sensitivities) of those in power.
Unlearning Liberty, Greg Lukianoff
They’re chopping off Christians’ heads in Syria, and we’re worried about tone.
Donald Trump


Intending to write about Donald Trump, and further to my meditations concerning Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, something serendipitous from Ann Coulter’s book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama;

‘I read Obama’s books to help me understand just what it is that makes black people so afraid. Their demons. The way ideas get twisted around. It helps me understand how people learn to hate.

The above paragraph is a precise paraphrase of what Obama wrote in Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, explaining why he read Joseph Conrad’s… Heart of Darkness, with “white people” switched out for “black people”’.

Ostensibly the president who would heal America’s racial divide, Obama is possibly the most racist politician outside of Africa and the former Soviet Union. He is obsessed with race, and demonstrably dedicated to undermining and eradicating white America. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is his latest wheeze; look it up.

A deeply unpleasant man with an ideological entourage equally mired in resentment (Alinsky, Holder, Wright, Sharpton, Jackson), Obama is pure product, a man without an original thought in his head, deeply ignorant (though touted as an intellectual), and a malevolent and blatant social engineer. He should be always in the crosshairs of the Republican Party. Instead, the GOP is simpering its way to electoral irrelevance. Or it was, before the arrival on the scene of Donald Trump.

Trump’s strategy is simple; he talks to ordinary people and not merely the political class and its media courtiers. He has an exact analogue here in the UK in Nigel Farage, and the political elite has no answer to anything that is not a product of PR. As Mark Steyn puts it concerning Trump, ‘his observations on immigration were a rare intrusion of reality into an other-worldly public discourse.’

Trump’s current wave of success is not because of superior political strategy; it’s because he doesn’t have a strategy. Spontaneity, openness, willingness to discuss verboten issues; these are the traits that both explain Trump’s – probably transitory - appeal and scare the GOP half to death.

And yet Trump could be the Republicans’ best chance of keeping Clinton out of power, an outcome much to be desired for the sane section of the planet still remaining. Trump is polling remarkably well among blacks. Even given his comments about Hispanics, he has not totally alienated that bloc; it is one of the great myths of immigration that successful immigrants want more of it, La Raza – to which we will return - notwithstanding. Most importantly in terms of America’s electoral college, Trump is polling second in Iowa. This is no novelty act.

Whereas Europe’s problem immigrants hail from failed Islamic states in the Middle East and the Maghreb, America’s influx is predominantly South American. What this means in effect is that America, the world’s biggest racial melting-pot and, at the time of writing, the world’s major superpower, is importing La Raza. And if you think La Raza - a supporting wall of Mexican culture, for example - is all mariachi, piñata and Cinco de Mayo, think again. It’s a racial supremacist ummah that makes the Klan look like The Church of Scientology.

And when Trump is reprimanded by the thought police of the Left for stating the blindingly obvious, that Mexico is sending more drug dealers than neurological consultants, perhaps some of the ethnic minority groups affected by a sudden influx of cheap labour are starting to look beyond groupthink.

Here, for example, is the formula so dangerous to American blacks, the very client group supposedly dear to Obama and his stasi; amnesty guarantees an influx of unskilled Latin-American labour which will both saturate the workforce and depress wages, economic outcomes completely inimical to blacks. So blacks voted, with extreme racial prejudice, for a man who will lose them their jobs. Black youth unemployment in the USA is already 51%. What do the open-borders, amnesty, in-state tuition discount crowd think will happen when Juan, José and Consuela arrive and think $5 an hour is high rolling?

Conventional wisdom says that Trump cannot become president just as Farage cannot become Prime Minister (or even a sitting MP). But the more the media dance to the political establishment’s tune, and ignore real people and their stake in democracy, the shakier conventional wisdom looks. When Rubio – another fraud – says that Trump has ‘no class’, what he is really saying is that the Donald is not a member of the political class. Their protocols don’t apply to him, nor their speech codes. Donald Trump can’t be bought and he can’t be bribed and he can’t be dictated to by the politically correct thought police who determine much of the West’s permitted discourse. If you would like an example of this permitted discourse, please feel free to study modern Sweden, a nation known for its suicide rate and which is now hell-bent on committing collective hari-kiri by importing wholesale Islam. My brother moved to Gothenburg 25 years ago, and told me then that a rape in Sweden would make the front page of the national newspapers. Now, Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, and Malmö is close to being a war zone. Instead of the national debate one might expect, however, it is simply not permitted to talk about Islamic immigration in Sweden, and you risk your job and your freedom if you do.

It’s ironic but thoroughly comprehensible that Trump, one of the big winners at capitalism’s roulette wheel, is the least politically skilled of the GOP nominee pack. It also explains his current success, despite the best efforts of the media. Trump has made politics interesting again, and the political class despise him for it. For the little man, that should be endorsement enough.

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