Saturday, 27 June 2015


Muslims of a certain ideological persuasion had a busy day yesterday, exercising their freedoms in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. It took our dear leader, David Cameron, a mere few minutes after the round of atrocities to remind us that Islam is a religion of peace. Relatives of the slaughtered sunbathers on the blood-stained beach at Sousse may find this hard to believe, but they can and will be re-educated.

David Cameron is a man tireless in his championing of a cause. It is refreshing to see a conviction politician, a man who has told his kufr electorate that they have much to learn from Islam. Very much a part of his support team, newspaper editors will have cancelled leave overnight to generate editorial copy protective of brand Islam and supportive of our Great Helmsman.

Commentators on the right will accuse Cameron of appeasing his domestic Muslim voting bloc, but that doesn’t really wash. Cameron has just won a full parliamentary term with a mandate for the misleadingly named Conservative Party and doesn’t need to secure votes. In any case, Muslims are not interested in which of the major parties will jump through hoops for them. There are already de facto shariah courts, and Muslims will soon have their own parties and MPs unaffiliated with the main parties. What, then, is behind Cameron’s tiresome mantra that in the wake of various atrocities there is no Islam to see here and we should all move swiftly along to the football, B&Q, or the next boxed set of American televisual drama?

We recall the daylight public slaughter of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich two years ago. An off-duty soldier was run down and almost beheaded by two men quoting from the Koran and describing themselves as ‘soldiers of Allah’. Dear Leader then popped up on our telescreens to inform us that the incident had nothing to do with Islam. Let us dwell on that for a moment. Had the two men doing the butchering quoted from the Book of Psalms, would it have had nothing to do with Christianity? Had they quoted from L Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, would the incident have been entirely unconnected with Scientology? Why is Cameron, and the British and European and American political establishment – inviting us to share his cognitive dissonance, his attempt to mimic the (youthful) White Queen in Alice in Wonderland by believing six impossible things before breakfast? We may well ask.

To those outside of the political Camelot at Westminster and their media courtiers – ie. most of us – it is clear there is an Islamic problem, a problem with Islam. Islam is a political ideology under the guise of a religion. It has gained beach heads in the West precisely because that West found itself in a phase representing a final de-coupling of the state from religion. Simply put, we are tired of religion, but are being forced against our will to watch season 2. We have graduated from Islamophobia to Islamonausea.

And, without question, the media outriders of the Islamic caliphate are well aware that they are preying on a culture which has dropped the trappings of religion but failed to clothe themselves in anything else. Osama bin Laden famously said that if people are presented with a strong horse and a weak horse, they will naturally choose the strong horse. Now, even if a witless race-track platitude is dressed up in robes, given a whiff of exotic spice and adorned in a pair of curly slippers, it can still make a salient point. We would have waited a long time for the late Mr. bin Laden’s Critique of Pure Reason, certainly, but he made a pithy point.

The West, thanks to its Socialist leaders, is a very weak horse indeed, and carrying a hobbling handicap. The only question now is whether, and when, the ordinary people of Europe will decide that brand Islam is not to their liking, and make things good themselves. Perhaps this is what the elites want, civil strife so that they can impose martial law and find a use for, for example, the water cannons Boris Johnson quietly invested in a few summers ago.

Because something is coming. Just as it is coming in Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Missouri and the other victim cities of affirmative action, so too there will be a tipping point here in the UK. As I said many times, radicalised British mosques do not faze our political class. On the contrary, they actively encourage them. Radicalised pubs, on the other hand…

Two weeks ago, a young white man was killed a few streets from me while trying to break up a fight between black men. The arrested suspect is black. I have never seen such a large urban shrine, such a profusion of flowers, messages and flags. Millwall flags, mostly. Those of you who understand the significance of Millwall Football Club will understand. Their signature chant could be shared by ISIS; nobody likes us, we don’t care.

I can’t help but think that the local black community – always described as vibrant and diverse by the Pansy Left – might have kicked a wasp’s nest. The dead boy was much loved, a tireless charity worker, a good guy. The type of man who allegedly killed him is undoubtedly a bog-standard, low impulse control, narcissistic, swaggering man we could easily do without in London, would in fact benefit from his incarceration.

And I can’t think there might come a time when Islam will kick the wasp’s nest. At what point will Muslims strike again on mainland Britain? We are constantly being told that the threat level in London, and the UK as a whole, has reached a new high. What when that threat metastatises and becomes a reality?

This can’t go on. The political elites and the Left-wing press – aka the press – must be taught, again, that ordinary people will not put up with fascism, any more than we put up with Communism. Here comes the twister.

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