Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Twitter allowed a tweet from the account of Occupy Wall Street NYC advocating the murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to remain on the platform for over 20 hours, only deleting the tweet after Breitbart News reached out for comment.
The image, entitled “What To Do If You Encounter An ICE Agent”  advocated stabbing
the agent, and ripping out his “still beating heart.”

From Breitbart

I became rather tired of what I have termed Imaginitis, but there is nothing to prevent a physician who diagnoses – and even discovers – a condition from suffering from it himself.
Imaginitis is a condition which primarily affects the dissident Right. Symptoms are consistent and standard, and change only in the degree of infection, and the cause of the trigger.
Typical symptoms follow a distinct pathology. Some examples. A Muslim preacher instructs his listeners to kill Jews and unbelievers.
Imagine if a non-Muslim had said that…
An immigrant rapist is allowed to walk free.
Imagine if he had been English…
A black man tells a Hollywood audience that he gets to kill all the white characters in his new movie.
Imagine if a white actor had said that…
Antifa violently disrupt a peaceful demonstration.
Imagine if that had been white football supporters…
And so the disease rages on, reaching epidemic levels among those of the Right.
And now, like the virologist accidentally infected by his own discovery, I find myself running a high fever.
Hugely over-rated actor and maybe three-hit wonder Peter Fonda has suggested quite clearly that the children of ICE US border guards be targeted. His full and rather autistic social media rants can be found here.
Arnold Schwarzenegger who, as an actor, makes Fonda look like Al Pacino, has said that it should be politicians in cages and not poor child actors whose ‘parents’ have been rumbled by the Trump administration. I suppose he needs a bit of virtue-signalling, after having bankrupted California.
Some singer I have never heard of makes vague and illiterate threats against border officers. How long before they begin to die because of the Hollywood elites, and those SJWs they support and chapion?
Imagine if one of the little people said that.

Monday, 18 June 2018


Why is there a Christmas tree over there?

All is well, my Muslim friends, we have burned it!

It is very difficult to decide on the world’s most nauseating politician now that Nick Clegg is no longer the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK. There is Justin Trudeau, of course, as an easy front-runner, but hating him seems like poking fun at a child in a rubber hat and leg calipers. There is Macron, the pre-pubescent French boy-king with the fright-mask wife. There is the cold-eyed Merkel, a childless and malevolent modern Lady Macbeth, but she is more to be feared than hated, given what she has done to Europe. Any Swedish politician not in the Sweden Democrats could be on punchbag duty, but Sweden deserves what it is getting for pretending to be neutral in WW2. In the US, Maxine Waters has both a face that could stop a clock, and possibly the lowest IQ of any international politician bar Diane Abbott, who is a woman there is absolutely no excuse for.
But Theresa May, the quasi-autistic PM of the country formerly known as Great Britain, has really put in a strong bid with this short speech concerning the Muslim festival of Eid, on the altar of which Christmas has been sacrificed.
I know that politicians have to curry favour with the Islamic arrivistes that so excite them not because of their social value but because of their political use value, but the worst of it is this. She does not believe what she is saying. But the amygdala is not strong in this one.

Friday, 15 June 2018


H M Government's new Chief of Prisons

Dad, they broke me.

Pavement, Stop Breathing

Even a strong man had no way left to him to fight the prison machine

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

First came Tommy Robinson’s arrest. Next, the fast-tracking of judicial process to have him in jail in five hours. Following on, the Section D notice forbidding the press to report on any of the above. Now, we see the transfer of Robinson from HMP Hull – Muslim population 2% - to HMP Leicester – Muslim population 71%. The British deep state, say the dissident online media as one, wants Tommy dead. But do they?

Look at it from the point of view of the British government. Now, the new Home Secretary claims to be a lapsed Muslim, but that is almost certainly pure taqiyya. No modern government would present an apostate to their Muslim voting bloc. It would never happen. He will be a fifth columnist, working actively to continue the Islamisation of Britain. Note that he has just increased migrant caps in order to import as many of his co-religionists before Brexit, if it can’t be stopped as Theresa May wishes.

Note also that Robinson was moved to a potentially deadly environment just hours before start of the World Cup, while the Democratic Football Lads Alliance will be distracted.

But if Robinson dies in jail, there is a fair chance that the rioting will begin in earnest. I haven’t been in England for over a year, but I sense from what I am reading and watching that there is something of a tinderbox atmosphere just now. And here comes summer. The last thing May – clinging to power – or Khan – another Muslim fifth columnist – want is tattooed thugs trashing the major cities. So I don’t think they want Tommy Robinson dead.

I think they want him broken.

We may see him moved and moved again. He is something of a veteran of the prison system, but if they keep him spinning around that system like a mis-hit cue ball on a warped pool table, all his experience may count for naught. And you may find media coverage becoming rather more thorough concerning Robinson’s treatment. The press will be used to say; hey, critics of Islam. Do you really want this for yourself?

Now, Robinson is notoriously courageous and foolhardy. It may be difficult to break him. But he is extraordinarily candid in his autobiography, Enemy of the State, about the fear he has felt in prison. I know someone who has been in a British jail, and he told me the first day was the most frightening of his life by a country mile.

And what effect will the breaking of Tommy Robinson have on others who may be thinking of voicing their opinions of, say, Islamic rape gangs? A taming effect, I suspect, which is what the Leftist establishment wants. It is the whistleblower effect, according to which public sector whistleblowers are humiliated, harried, punished and ostracized, and this process is absolutely transparent in the media, who obviously wear their sorry face while they are doing this. Whistleblowers should be national heroes. Instead, they are broken too.

I still believe that the economic collapse of Europe is being postponed by, most likely, Saudi Arabia. We already know they are paying for mosques across Europe. A mosque in Birmingham is about to install a sound system which can make the call to prayer audible 15 miles away, incidentally. Just to remind you who the new masters are. It would not surprise if the Saudis are holding the marionette strings which are operating Sajid Javid.

And a big part of their program is what I always refer to as protecting and promoting Brand Islam. And the likes of Tommy Robinson are minor irritants. If you are promoting a chocolate bar, you don’t tend to talk about dental health.

The big danger is that, if they can’t control this, and Tommy does die in prison, nothing happens. Then Britain is finished, because the gulags will begin to fill. And, like Kevin Crehan, the man who 'attacked' a mosque with a bacon sandwich, you may walk in but you may not walk out.

Thursday, 14 June 2018


UK leaders couldn't stop a pig in a passage

Is someone, to use a delightful English phrase, pulling my pisser? When I first saw George Osborne standing as above, left, I assumed he had lost his legs in some improvised IED explosion and was getting used to new prosthetic limbs. Then I saw a picture of Blair, of Theresa May, the clown Cameron and, most ridiculously of all, Sajid Javid striking the same pose. As I say, are you taking the Mickey out of me?

It is, apparently, called the power stance. It is intended to convey power. Obviously, all it conveys is looking like a wanker. For God’s sake don’t let Diane Abbott do it.

Imagine the focus group meeting.

Special adviser (SpAd): Okay, heads up people. Something new! And we do new. What do we do?

Other SpAds: New!

MP: Great! A new policy point!

SpAd: Not exactly.

MP: Cool! Helicopter view, woodshed policies, toolbox talk! Let’s J-Zee it!

SpAd: We want you to stand like this in photographs.

MP: I’m not quite with you.

This is how you do it.

James Hetfield, Metallica

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


What do we want?
Dead black kids!
When do we want it?
Every fucking day!

London calling to the faraway towns.
Now war is declared
And battle come down.

The Clash, London Calling

Listening to British black politicians talking about the current crime-wave in the capital city and city of my birth, there is only one conclusion that can be reached. They want black boys dead. As I have said before, in the case of Sadiq Khan, this is entirely understandable. To an Islamist – which is what Khan is – the only good black is a doped-up convert. London Muslims and London blacks despise one another. But the Diane Abbott/David Lammie brigade who rail against stop and search are either stupid or wicked. In the case of Abbott, no further discussion is needed. Lammie I am not so sure about.
A good friend of mine, and a good friend to this blog, emails me regularly to tell me the thoroughly depressing experience that living in and around London has become. Unfortunately, there is one central reason for this; black male youth culture.
I have lived in London. I have seen black areas, heard blacks boys speak, watched them in action and seen what they do to areas. And it is very horrible. There is simply nothing pleasant, life-affirming or nourishing about it. It is nihilism in action. It is virulently anti-education, which is seen as a white activity and therefore contemptible. It is violent, both in its rhetoric and in its action. It is gang-oriented. It is misogynist, it is racist, and it is almost fanatically homophobic. You would think Liberals would be strongly opposed to it, but they can’t champion it enough.
Black youth culture revolves around heavy drug use, which affects the personality, rap music, which is vile, and respect which has to be given and not earned. And, as you should know – and you had better know – respect that is given but not earned is called fear. And the Abbotts and Lammies response to this is to keep telling what good little victims they are, and how everything is the fault of the white man.
Inviting blacks to come to Britain was possibly the worst mistake the country ever made. As I have said before, I have had black friends and black girlfriends, but they didn’t think black and they didn’t talk black. And they were successful.
The police could calm London by introducing a hard-line programme of stopping and searching black boys and, increasingly, girls. And I don’t mean indiscriminately. You know the black kids who are going to go on to cause trouble and possibly, even probably, to kill. You can read the swagger, the look in the eye, the clothing, the whole attitude. I have heard first-hand from teachers who have taught young blacks about the nightmare world they inhabit.
But none of this matters to the Abbott/Lammie axis. What matters is getting their big, black mouths open and listened to. And so what if black boys are routinely admitted to London hospitals with knife and gun wounds, some to die, some to live due to the advances in surgery which have had to be adapted from the battlefields of Afghanistan and other hellholes, other shitholes? It’s just collateral for the respect these ignorant black politicians demand because of slavery or Empire Windrush or something.
It is a spectacle without dignity. It costs the NHS a fortune, it takes up a disproportionate amount of police time – or should, when the police are not investigating online ‘hate crime’ - and, of course, it adversely affects white boys, who see blacks getting away – sometimes literally – with murder. They ape them. They talk like them. They act like them.
All the while black culture is encouraged, applauded and patronised, Britain – and London in particular – will continue its downward spiral.
These people should hang their heads in shame.

Monday, 11 June 2018



I think you’re way out of line talking to me like that.

De Niro, Casino

I think a lot of my generation, when it came to Hollywood, grew up with Robert de Niro. Taxi Driver was my inauguration, and also my introduction to the great Martin Scorsese. Taxi Driver reeks with tension. As a portrayal of a man on the edge it has few challengers. Later, more classics came along. The Deer Hunter. Goodfellas. Casino. But there was also King of Comedy, Jackknife, A Bronx Tale, Mean Streets. Before I began to prefer Al Pacino, de Niro was the greatest for me.
What a shame, then, to see him make a jackass of himself.
If he had called the New York Times, say, or any other Leftie rag, and written a balanced piece stating the precise reasons he does not like the presidency of Donald Trump, you could have some respect for the man. But standing onstage at one of the many US mutual masturbation sessions that are awards ceremonies and yelling ‘fuck Trump’ makes him look like a spoiled child. Pathetic. Genuinely pathetic.
I saw a fat Yankee girl a year ago here in Costa Rica – a country with a 98% literacy rate, higher than the US, and we all know why, see Detroit etc. - with a T-shirt stretched over her gross body reading ‘Fuck Trump’. Now, A lot of the kids here speak and read English. I found that grossly offensive and wanted to to slap her fat face.
I have had many arguments with some of the cretinous Yanks here about Trump. ‘Fuck Trump’ is not a political argument. It is like a child shitting on the floor to annoy Daddy. Not one of them – not one – has given me anything like an argument, just more childish swear-words. Here are some more. Fuck Democrats. Here is a man who would not take it anymore.


Selling like, um, a hot cake

A gentleman by the name of Jeff Wood has both style and taste, and has proved that fact beyond reasonable doubt by virtue of being the first person to purchase my novel Bestest Boys, available at Amazon for Kindle. Not only that, but Mr. Wood was kind enough to contact me* to say how much he was enjoying the book after a mere three chapters. For a paltry £1 or $1.49, you too can be immersed in gangland London seen through eyes of an alcoholic bar manager, a tale of alcohol, revenge and canal boats, and it’s not every day you can say that.
Be like Jeff.

* Incidentally, I made my Yahoo email address available some time ago as it seems to be problematic to comment here. Sadly, I have now been locked out of that account for all eternity, and this is my new email address, should you wish to send praise, criticism, commentary or death threats;